December 11, 2023

Chloe + Isaac | A Winter Wonderland Wedding in Southern Kentucky

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Isaac failed in his attempt to hold back tears as his beautiful bride came down the aisle on the arm of her dad.  That’s because on December 2, 2023, he had already loved her for 421 days.

If you’re wondering how I know that, it’s because one of the beautiful gifts Isaac gave Chloe on their wedding day said exactly that.  Photographing them open their wedding gifts was sweet, because each of them was visibly touched by the sincerity of what their soulmate had given them.  Chloe gifted Isaac a Bible with a sweet personal note inside and specific scriptures marked throughout. His reaction made us all wipe our eyes a bit.  Isaac gave Chloe a darling anklet and a hand drawn photo that also showed his deep devotion to her.  They will cherish these gifts in the years to come, because they are a reminder of how precious the gift of love truly is.


Chloe married Isaac on her family farm, in her dad and uncle’s newly constructed barn.  It looked effortlessly beautiful, but oh man, I know the opposite was true.  Chloe’s mom flocked what looked like a stunning forest of Christmas trees.  Everywhere I looked, touches of Christmas and snow warmed my soul. I know that this  The entire space was a carefully planned breath-taking winter wonderland, complete with a coffee bar.  If you love all the beautiful aspects of winter like I do, it was an afternoon of the best atmosphere ever!  And the happiness of the bride and groom and their friends and family was the perfect completion of the day.  I suppose in reality, it’s the other way around.  The beautiful atmosphere was the perfect completion of the Chloe and Isaac’s love.

Mr. and Mrs. Hogue, I was truly honored to photograph your wedding.  I hope you had a WONDERFUL honeymoon in snowy Vermont. Here’s to years of happiness, perseverance through the inevitable ups and downs of life, and grace to see the beauty that surrounds us daily.  You are both amazing as individuals, but together, you are truly a special couple.  There’s no doubt in anyone’s mind that  you will work hard to craft a life, home, and marriage that holds your values and is the steady rock that will bind your hearts forever.  I will always be over here cheering for your success and praying for your home.   Love and blessings,  Pat



Chloe and Isaac are forever grateful for the hard work, support, and love of their family and friends who helped make this beautiful wedding possible.

Special thanks to Chloe’s dad and uncle Shea for preparing the beautiful barn for their wedding, and Chloe’s mom

for the vision and hard work in creating the winder wonderland that greeted their guests on December 2nd.

And additional thanks to the many family and friends who helped with various aspects of the wedding.


Hair | Heather Norwood

Makeup | Danica Tester

Food | Wendy Costello w/ Griddles & Mike and Wendy Stratton


You can view Chloe and Isaac’s engagement session at Opryland Hotel here.





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