February 21, 2024

Kayla + Logan Engaged | A February Afternoon at Port Oliver

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I can’t wait to get this year’s engagement and wedding season underway, and I was thrilled to start it off with a BEAUTIFUL afternoon of sunshine with Kayla and Logan.

They are both amazing individuals and met back in high school while attending a UK FFA field day. As fate would have it, both Kayla and Logan then attended UK while pursuing business degrees.  Now, just a few years later, they are working hard to create their future together.  I’m always amazed at how couples meet.  Sometimes, they’ve known each other since childhood, and in others they’ve met at a happenstance that changes their lives forever.  Whatever the story, it’s such a blessing when you meet your soulmate.  Sometimes it’s love at first sight, and then other times it’s a friendship that changes over time.  I have NO doubt that these two are meant for each other.   It’s refreshing to just be around couples who work hard, have their combined dreams and goals, and find joy in everyday life.  What I can personally say is that Kayla is blessed to have found Logan, because I’ve known him since his middle school days.  And within two minutes after meeting Kayla, I know Logan is equally blessed.

I love that the future Mr. and Mrs. Haven plan to stay right here around the Scottsville area.  You know, there’s just something about small hometowns.  Our little town certainly has it’s own problems, but I think many folks feel that smaller places also have more to offer in other ways.  What we lack in things to do, we gain in community.  Kayla is from Albany, another small KY town, and I have no doubt that she will fit right in, or maybe create her own path here.  Either way, it’s always a joy for us all when young couples choose to stay local.

Kayla and Logan, I can’t wait to photograph your wedding in June!  I don’t know exactly how many days away it is, but I’m pretty sure you could tell me this morning.  This is such a scary, amazing and fun season of life, and I hope you can slow down and enjoy every second of it.  Love and blessings,   Pat

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