November 16, 2023

Cara + Alex | A Golden Hour Engagement Session at Dugas Park

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It’s fall and the perfect time for an engagement session!  Who are we kidding?  Anytime is a perfect time to celebrate an engagement!!!  And these two are ready for forever….

When we think about falling in love, it’s easy to think about the obvious:  They make your heart pound faster when you see them.  You think they are amazing and just can’t wait to be around them every second of the day.  They make you smile at the craziest times.  And while these things are such a fun, joyful part of a relationship, they are only the beginning.  Navigating through the weeds of life is definitely easier when you have someone who fills your soul and has your back.  But when you think about growing old together, that’s just another level.  Cara and Alex are ready for that next step, and it’s always such an exciting time.

Cara and Alex, I loved catching up with you two!  And I’m thrilled that you are together.  Your happiness and contentment with each other is obvious.  It’s a blessing that I know you don’t take lightly.  I wish you success in your future.  Most of all, I hope you always face life’s ups and downs with one heart and vision.  Thank you for asking me to photograph your engagement session! Love and blessings,  Pat

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