July 16, 2023

Chloe & Isaac’s Engagement Session at Opryland Hotel

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A few months ago, Chloe was at the Opryland Hotel for a culinary conference.  She had no clue that big things were about to happen. After the end of the scheduled activities, her mom suggested that they walk around for a bit.  And when they rounded the corner into the Magnolia area, Isaac was there on a knee.  Can you imagine the flip her heart did when she saw him?  And Chloe said yes.  That was the beginning of a flurry of activity, planning, and pure excitement.  Preparing to begin a new life together is the sweetest gift.

And let me tell you, with this gorgeous location and couple, I struggled big time with option overload. It helped that even though it looks like we were in a lush area outside, Opryland’s climate controlled gardens are a BIG blessing in July..  If you’ve read many of my posts, you know that the right light is always top priority with photos, followed by the location.  Opryland Hotel has literally hundreds, probably thousands, of options.  Everywhere we turned there was another even more stunning view – and most of them with perfect filtered light from above.  From waterfalls, rock walls, wrought iron fencing and gates, gorgeous winding steps, balconies, the list could go on and on.  But the place was a beehive of activity.  Folks were walking around everywhere even though it was a Wednesday mid afternoon. (I can never travel on the weekend for sessions due to weddings.)  Yet somehow, we managed for the most part to keep photobombers to a minimum.  And the few times Isaac had to snuggle up to Chloe again, he really didn’t seem to mind.  It truly was a sweet experience.  Chloe and Isaac received lots of congrats and comments about how cute they are together.

I couldn’t agree more.  As with so many of my couples, I’ve known Chloe and Isaac literally since they were born.  Through the years, I’ve watched them both grow up to be fantastic young adults, and together they are perfect.  Chloe has lived on the other end of my road all her life, and it’s been such a blessing to capture so many of those moments for both her mom and grandma.  And Isaac’s family is dear to me as well.  That’s one of the joys of living in a small town; you know nearly everyone, and have so many sweet memories with lots of families.  And of course, I’m completely impressed with how Chloe’s dream business has grown in the last couple of years.  Anyone reading this should check out 773 Co. right here in Scottsville.

Chloe and Isaac,  it was such fun to photograph your  summer engagement session and I just know your winter wedding will be amazing.   I’m definitely not wishing time away, but I can’t wait to capture your beautiful smiles and those twinkles in your eyes when you look at each other.   And the fact that it’s just literally right down the road from me is gonna be super sweet!!   These next few months are going to fly by because you literally have a thousand decisions to make and an amazing business to run, but don’t forget to pause each day and just take in the joy.   Love and blessings,  Pat


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