July 29, 2023

Ellie + Chaise | A Beautiful Summer Wedding at The Whitestone Barn

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Watching Ellie and Chaise become husband and wife at The WhiteStone Barn in Bowling Green reminded me over and over why I love photographing weddings so much.  Ellie’s beautiful smile radiated happiness the entire day and Chaise didn’t mind smiling right back at her one bit.   Their wedding was incredibly sweet, thoughtful, and simply a joy.

One of the things I enjoy about photographing weddings is getting to capture such important moments.  And every wedding is just a little different based on each couple’s wishes.  Ellie and Chaise chose to have a small wedding party, but wanted lots of photos.  As much as I love doing fun wedding party photos, it was pure heaven to have time to concentrate on just the bride/groom.  It was hot, and I have to give them huge kudos, as well as Ellie’s maid of honor, Valerie, who made every step we did and helped us so much.  The WhiteStone Barn has so many beautiful options and we tried to take advantage of as many of them as we could.  It was fun that that Valerie is also a photographer and we worked together to bring Ellie’s vision to life.

Ellie and Chaise, you are adored.  I saw sweet moments and how your parents watched you with such joy over and over all day long.  Ellie, it was so many moments like how your mom lovingly adjusted your veil, how your dad was working behind the scenes to make sure your day was perfect.  Chaise, your dad was your obvious best man and biggest supporter, and your mom watched you and smiled in that sweet way that moms do when they are bursting with both heartbreak and pride.  I watched you dance with each other and with your mom and dad – and all three dances were filled with such love.  It was a blessing to see, as was your entire wedding.  And I’m wishing you a lifetime of that same love.   Blessings to you!!

Here are some of my favorite images from the day!!



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