August 9, 2023

Hanna + Jordan’s July Wedding at the Barn at 3M Farms

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Jordan wanted this day to be amazing for Hanna. I could tell by the way he looked at her, how he danced with her, and how he handled photos in 90+ degrees with July humidity in Kentucky.

And it was so sweet.  The joy, the hugs, the celebration…. The tears…  Emotions are on overload with weddings because they are a celebration of love.  And not just the love of the bride and groom.  It’s a mixture of heartbreak and pride when parents see their children spread their wings to fly.  It’s the joy of sisters and brothers when they recognize that their sibling has found the love of their life.  Friendships change in a beautiful way when marriage enters the picture, and with it all is constant change, the flowing and ebbing of the cycle of life.

When I think of the Walden wedding, I’ll always see a few key reels in my mind.  Hanna’s mom giving her beloved daughter a gorgeous bouquet that she made herself.  That so-so sweet first look with Hanna and both her mom and dad where she shared gifts with them that included photos in honor of precious memories of a sister never forgotten.  A beautiful 3 week old little niece who literally looked like a baby doll.  How much Jordan looks like his dad, and how he is tough as nails, but wiped tears a few times during the day. Dances that were cut into which spoke volumes about how much the bride’s parents adore the groom.  Family and friends who served wedding guests.  And toasts… you all – those toasts will always live in my mind rent free.  Hanna’s maid of honor, her sweet cousin, rewrote “Hey Earl” and sang it to the bride and groom.  It was spot on perfect, and the lines between laughter and tears were crossed multiple times.  And then the best man, who didn’t quite think he could follow that amazing song – nailed it.  He talked about growing up with Jordan, the fantastic man that he is, and how he remembered the moment when Jordan said to him, “I’m going to marry her.”   I could go on and on…

Hanna and Jordan, I pray that you relive the reels of how perfect your wedding day was over and over through the coming years.   AND I’m so glad you two found each other.  Everyone who loves you is thrilled that you went on that hike together for your first date – and that you passed the test and came back for another one Jordan… because I can’t imagine your lives without each other in them.  What a gift you have – this love that you share.  You both know how life can be rough.  BUT you both are made from the salt of the earth, and that grit mixed with the sweetest joy is amazing to watch.   Here’s to you – Mr. and Mrs. Walden, and a lifetime filled with hikes, chasing your dreams, and looking into the future together.  I’ll always be cheering for you!!  Love and blessings,  Pat


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