August 10, 2023

Shiori + Dalton | A Beautiful Summer Wedding in Kentucky

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Weddings require a plethora of planning, hard work, and coordination.  Try making that happen when you are coordinating between not only different cities and states, but also different countries.  And with the help of family and friends, Dalton and Shiori did it amazingly well.  The result was a wedding that I will always remember with a smile.

Earlier in the spring, Dalton’s mother, Denise, called me about photographing a small ceremony in late July on their family farm.  Dalton had found the love of his life, she explained, and she was a sweet, beautiful lady from Japan named Shiori.  They were balancing Dalton moving across the country, figuring out visas to make sure everything was done correctly, and a small wedding both in the US and Japan.  Shiori and Dalton both flew in just a few days ago to spend a little time on the farm before they head to Japan for a few months.  We squeezed in a quick engagement session last week in the midst of wedding preparations, and then on Saturday, the sweetest wedding took place.  When I arrived, there was a flurry of activity all over the place.  Lynn, Joe, Sandy, Katelyn and Junior Young were all over the place working on everything from delicious hors d’oeuvres to the wedding linens, and Yvette and Candy Veach were creating the most beautiful florals.  Shiori loves pretty flowers, and Denise made it happen.  It takes a village for us all at times, and this village showed up in a big way.

If you are in Kentucky right now, you know it’s hummingbird season.  And the sweetest hummingbird could not get enough of those florals all through the wedding.  Faces lit up everywhere as it flittered around here and there while Dalton and Shiori promised forever.  Another sweet moment was when Mr. Sam Meador gave them great advice about never losing that look.  You know, the one where folks anywhere around can tell there’s love.  That way a couple looks at each other and you just know – how their faces light up.  Dalton and Shiori have that glow, and it’s one of life’s sweetest blessings.

Shiori and Dalton, thank you for reminding us all that love is such a gift, and it’s worth all the sacrifices and hard work that it takes to make a marriage happen.  You are a beautiful couple, and I can’t wait to hear how your life’s story unfolds.  Here’s to safe travels to Japan for your wedding ceremony there, and a smooth transition to life here in the US in a few months. Your joy is our joy and I wish you years and years of happiness!  Love and blessings,  Pat





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