July 15, 2023

Makayla + Troy | A Fun Engagement Session in Nashville

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I’ve known Makayla since she was a student at JEBMS a few years ago.  And I can say with certainty that she’s found her forever with Troy.  As I watched them interact and make decisions together, I was struck by how he made sure her engagement session dreams came true.  From travel to cool locations to investing time in the middle of the week, I know this session was a sweet sacrifice on both their parts.    And I can’t wait to share a few of my favorites!

Truly, engagement sessions are top of my fun list.  I absolutely LOVE doing them.  Quite often, I have to literally make myself stop at the end of our time together.  In addition, they are an important part of my couples’ wedding collection.  It’s a time for us to get to know each other (or reconnect) before their wedding and for them to become comfortable with my style of photography.  There’s no substitute for experience when it comes to comfort in front of a camera.   Nerves always seem to hitch a ride when we begin the session, but within a few minutes, couples realize that it’s going to be ok, and maybe even fun.  Then on their wedding day, even if we are on a tight timeline, they have no worries about our ability to grab tons of poses in a short amount of time.

In my opinion, every session should reflect your personality, especially your engagement session.  Some couples like fields, streams and the country look, which are absolutely beautiful.  Others enjoy the urban scene which can be captured in any town, large or small.  It doesn’t matter what you love, and there’s no right or wrong. The future Mr. and Mrs. Cline happen to love style and unique locations.  So when Makayla mentioned doing photos in Nashville, I was all about it.  Traveling acquires mileage fees and requires planning pretty far ahead at times because I am never available to travel on weekends due to weddings, but if that’s your thing -don’t hesitate to reach out.

Can I just mention how much these two celebrate each other??  It’s a quality that I believe is 100% necessary for a happy marriage.  Once we are around each other all the time, we see qualities in the other that are less than perfect.  That’s what make us human; we are after all the summation of our less than perfect traits and life experiences.   However, celebrating the wonderful characteristics of each other is what make us happiest.  I challenge you to find a truly happily married couple of 50 years, and you’ll see that they respect and celebrate each other.  So I was thrilled to see that Makayla and Troy were quick to point out the best qualities in each other.  I could tell that they really appreciate the sacrifices that the other makes.  Oh how I wish that one thing could be multiplied and distributed to every couple everywhere.  It’s important.

Makayla and Troy – I absolutely can not wait to photograph your wedding in 2024.  You are an amazing couple, and I loved riding with you to Nashville and listening to how you met and your life plans.  I admire how you work together for the best for your family and your goals for your business.   Cline’s Concrete Construction is in great hands with you two, and I predict great growth and success because of your work ethic and drive.  I’ll always be over here cheering for you!!  Love and blessings,  Pat

Makayla’s makeup and hair was styled by Summer Adamas with Ivory Mill Salon and Co.


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