May 8, 2023

Stacia + Jeremy | A Beautiful Spring Wedding at Concord

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I loved seeing Stacia and Jeremy’s faces when they saw each other for the first time on their wedding day.  It was last Saturday and they were standing in front of Concord, one of the most serene and breathtaking old churches anywhere around.  Jeremy was instantly fighting back tears as he saw his beautiful bride, and the moment was just so sweet.

Concord is located down in a peaceful valley with a deep, cool stream flowing right along the left side of the church yard.  On any given day, you can find folks walking around, fishing all along the banks, and you hear the sounds of children laughing and playing in the area.  It was in this specific place that Stacia wanted to begin her marriage to Jeremy.  She grew up playing in the stream herself, and was baptized in Concord’s cool waters.  In addition, it was where her parents began their life together 38 years ago.  Our lives are marked by the important events dotted throughout our years, and our character is built by the day to day happenings that mold us into the people we become.  For Stacia, both big events and day-to-day joy and memories are all tied up in this beautiful valley.

Jeremy and Stacia chose to have a simple, but elegant wedding.  There was no wedding party, except for two adorable littles – their ringbearer and flower girl.  But that doesn’t mean their nuptials were one millimeter shy of stunning.   Stacia even brought folks from Alabama and Florida to do her hair and makeup and florals.   When you are comfortable with someone’s work, it’s worth the extra effort to find a way to include them in your ceremony prep if you can.  Both simply did amazing and the results speak for themselves.   And I have to mention how sweet it was when Stacia’s dad walked her down the aisle, then stepped over and married them. Sentimental beauty flowed throughout this day, and everyone could feel it.

Mr. and Mrs. Brazzell, when I think of your wedding, I will always smile.  Not only did you make beautiful and special choices that reflect your personalities and heritage, but you are simply an amazing couple.  The love you share and the happiness you spread to everyone around you is a testament to the marriage that I know you will build.  As I listened to all the toasts, I heard so many stories of who you each are as a person – strong, loyal, fun, both with deep faith and full of character.  Together you are even stronger.   Your wedding was such a blessing to witness, and along with so many others, I’ll always be cheering for your success!!                                                 Love,  Pat




Stacia and Jeremy’s Vendors

Florals | Place to Place Floral

Music | Viva LaStrings

Hair/Makeup | Haylee Hunter

Catering | Enchanted Celebrations

Cake | Misty Calvert


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