April 28, 2023

Krista + Nick | A Spring Wedding at The Barn at 3M Farms

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Apparently it’s almost May!!  And I am still rolling through the sweetest group of weddings right here in Scottsville.  I’m pinching myself to be sure it’s real.  Krista and Nick’s wedding at The Barn at 3M Farms last Saturday was my third of the season, and just as beautiful as you might imagine.  I was blessed to be there!!

It feels like just yesterday that I was capturing Krista and Nick’s engagement session at Dugas Park.  And honestly, it also feels like just yesterday I had the cutest little blonde headed student named Krista Brown in my classroom.  One thing we all know if we’ve been around very long is that time doesn’t stand still for any of us.  It moves right down through the years of time whether we are happy or sad, just getting through the day or loving on those around us.  As I move toward the golden years of my life, my goal is to always love on those around me because all too soon, we look back and today will simply be a memory.

And speaking of memories, Nick and Krista’s wedding will be such a beautiful memory for them and their families.  I loved watching all the interactions and joy that surrounded these two.  The dancing was such fun and there were plenty of hugs and well wishes all around.  It was the icing on the cake, the flowers in the air.  We can decorate all we want, but the true beauty is the folks who come to celebrate with us.  These two had plenty of beauty with both.

Krista and Nick, I hope you’ve had a wonderful honey moon, and can’t wait for you to peruse through your wedding photos.  Being your photographer was such a blessing for me, and I wish you years and years of happiness.  I also you wish you perseverance when the hard times come, as we all know they will.  May you never forget how you felt on April 22nd.  Love and blessings,  Pat

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