April 24, 2023

Angeleah + Steven | A Golden Hour Engagement Session in Scottsville

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Do you have access to a private location that few others could ever use?  If so, it’s a perfect spot to do pictures.  And oh my, Angeleah and Steven had a gem for sure!!

Angeleah first mentioned this location in February and I was all in!  Fields, barns, depth and golden hour are a photographer’s dream.  Add to that a beautiful, fun couple and my Tuesday afternoon was made!  In fact, I dealt with a bit of location overload.  I’ve learned over the years to narrow down to a few most optimal spots where the light hits perfectly and stick with those.  Walking around is often necessary, but taking long walks unless it’s for a purpose to a favorite spot takes up precious photography time.  Golden hour is in fact just a bit over an hour.  That’s the beauty of searching for the right light; it’s like snow – beautiful and fleeting.  When you find it, be excited and use it wisely.

Oh you two – I love your real-world optimism and the easy joy that you shared with me.  Every couple’s relationship is a bit different, and the way you treat each other with kindness and respect is certainly something that I wish the whole world could copy and paste into each and every home.  I know that engagement photos aren’t usually a guy’s Tuesday night dream, but Steven – you handled it with grace and did it for your girl.  I appreciated your great attitude and I’m pretty positive your girl did too!!

Even as we are dealing with an extra cool spring week right now, October is headed our direction.  Before you know it, we will be finding that golden light for your wedding photos.  I’m so excited to be a part of that day too, and I’m thrilled that you have found each other and love.  Cheers for an amazing engagement, and even more for a wonderful marriage!  Love and blessings,  Pat

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