April 22, 2023

Laci + Samson | A Beautiful Wedding at The Barn @ 3M Farms

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What??  I have two weddings in a row right here in Scottsville?  I’m not mad about that at all.  And The Barn at 3M Farms never disappoints.  Laci and Samson could not have custom ordered a more beautiful wedding day!!

Some couples radiate so much happiness that it’s impossible not to completely fall in love with them!!  Laci and Samson are that kind of couple, and to be honest, I’ve loved them both for many years…  I found myself smiling from ear to ear every time I edited a new image because the fun and joy of their wedding day is still contagious – a week later. They are truly one of the most compassionate and genuine couples I’ve ever had the joy of photographing.

I’ve already mentioned how much FUN this wedding was, and that was in no small part due to the amazing wedding party that you see above.  The guys and gals both had such great ideas and were not afraid to try literally anything that I or anyone else suggested.  It was such a wonderful reminder of how important good friends are.  And while every wedding party is different, (some are more serious and that’s perfectly fine too),  this crew kept me laughing from when we walked in the door until the last bubble floated through the air for their exit photos.

Samson and Laci, you two amaze me in so many ways!  Your love for each other, both your families, and for your friends is certainly refreshing.  AND you both are fantastic people in your own right, but together you have certain success in your future.  We all know that life throws us boulders at time, yet I know you will work together to overcome any obstacle in your lives.  My prayer is that you never lose your quick laughter, your deep respect and compassion for each other, and that you keep God center of your home.  I’ll always be in your corner cheering you on!!  Love and blessings!   Pat


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