April 20, 2023

Angel + David | A Spring Engagement Session at Barren River State Park

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I had the pleasure of photographing Angel and David’s engagement photos at Barren River State Park last Friday right at golden hour.  It was such a joy to be able to document this special time in their lives!!  The weather was perfect and the sunset took our breath.

Engagement sessions are so important for multiple reasons.  First, they are the perfect way to learn the core poses and become comfortable in front of a camera.  That experience is golden if we end up needing to get shots quickly at your wedding.  And most important, they are the sweetest way to hold on to this time in your life.  They are the last opportunity to have photos as a couple before you become husband and wife.  Things change in a wonderful way after your marriage begins, but it is still a change.

Angel wanted photos just as the sun set, and we were able to capture exactly that.  And the hour or so before the sunset was just as beautiful.  Golden Hour really is the prettiest time of the day.  It’s the 60-75 minutes right before the sun goes to sleep, and the light simply bathes you with golden glow.  I’ve done photos for years and years, and I still get excited every time I have someone in front of my camera when it happens.

These two are so in love, and it shines through in every frame.  I love how they tease each other, and have such fun together. They were introduced through Angel’s sister and brother-in-law.  Literally, the rest is history.  They are a perfect couple, and I know their future holds so much joy and success.

Angel and David, I wish you the best as you plan your future together.  I’m so excited to be your wedding photographer, and before you know it, we will be planning your wedding day timeline.  I hope you take time to enjoy every second of this sweet season of life.  Love and blessings,  Pat

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