May 17, 2023

Kadie + Wade | A Beautiful Spring Wedding at The Barn at 3M Farms

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The way he looks at her tugs at the hearts of everyone who knows them.  There is no denying that Wade is all about his beautiful girl.  And on Saturday, May 6, at The Barn at 3M Farms, she became his wife.


Kadie and Wade’s wedding was simply stunning from beginning to end.  It was a reflection of both their love for each other and how genuine they are as beautiful human beings – and I mean inside and out.  I’ve known them both for years and years, and the love and respect I have for them both is from seeing them day to day and year to year.  While no one is perfect, in my mind, these two are pretty amazing.  They are the real deal.  They have been together since middle school, and seeing this next chapter in their lives has been such a joy to witness.

I always love listening to the toasts at weddings.  When you hear the heart felt words of family and friends, it’s one of the sweetest tributes, and something you always remember.  Wade’s brother and Kadie’s sister gave the absolute sweetest speeches that touched us all.  What a blessing that they both are so close and the memories they’ve made throughout the years are forever etched in their hearts.  And then Wade’s dad came up for a toast.  He talked about how much Wade loved Kadie and what a blessing they both are to his family.  Then he brought out a small recorder and played the sweetest little boy’s voice telling his dad that he loved him.  Time is definitely the enemy of every parent, and indeed anyone watching babies you love grow up way too fast.  One minute they are under your feet with every step, but 30 seconds later they are grown and making their way in this world. Our memories are the fabric of who we are, and having sweet ones are such a blessing.

Kadie and Wade, I will always think of your wedding with my heart. I’ve watched you two look at each other for years, and I knew  – we all knew – that one day you’d walk down the aisle together.  The love, excitement, and joy you now feel is such a special time in your life.   The ups and downs of this world will inevitably challenge your souls, but working together on the same team will bring you a contentment and joy that deepens even more with time.  I literally can not wait to see how your lives unfold and the blessings that wait for you.  I’m always cheering for you both!!                                            Love, Pat



Vendor List

Venue | The Barn at 3M Farms

DJ | Brandon DeWitt

Catering | Amanda Minix

Cakes | Amanda Minix & Misty Calvert

Florals | Mary Jo DeWitt

Hair | Courtney Kendall


You can view Kadie and Wade’s engagement session here.






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