April 28, 2024

Shauna + Zach | A Full Circle Love Story

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These two have such a place in my heart, and I LOVE their story.  It’s a story of love, trials, pitfalls, and then triumph and redemption.

Shauna and Zach married several years ago, and I was honored to photograph their special day.  I’d known them both since they were kiddos at JEBMS, so I was thrilled to see them fall in love and promise forever.  Along came handsome Patrick and beautiful Quinn.  And then it seemed that it would all be over.  To the world, it probably seemed that all hope was lost for this beautiful family.  It’s a story so many of us have lived, and the struggle grows all around us.  Life has a way of kicking us to the curb at times.

But then, for this family, things changed.  Their story now has a BEAUTIFUL new chapter, even more precious than before.  Because we are human, we all mess up things in a multitude of ways, and often we think that there is no hope.  With the challenges of life, hope can easily be lost.  But with God, all things are possible.  I know that not all endings can nor should have a new beginning; we all know that.  But when a new beginning springs from the dust, it’s a blessing beyond what my poor words can explain.  That moment when Zach and Shauna placed rings back on each other’s wedding finger was proof that out of ashes, love can be reborn.   And to see the joy on the faces of their children, family, and friends is to know that miracles still happen – right here in 2024.

Shauna and Zach, I’m beyond thankful that you get to experience a new chapter as a family.  And I LOVE that I was able to photograph this season for you too.  I watch you together and my heart smiles every time.  I know the pieces of your hearts have been repaired.  Life is still life.  There will continue to be tough times, but you are on a path that leads to strength over struggle.  My heart and prayers are always with you both.   Love and blessings,  Pat

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