April 22, 2024

Karleigh + Jon | A River Bend Blooms Engagement Session

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They met seven years ago playing golf for Barren County.  Neither of them knew that one day Jon would place a beautiful engagement ring on Karleigh’s finger.  And now they are planning their forever…..

River Bend Blooms was the perfect backdrop to capture a spring engagement session, and especially perfect for these two.  They both love the country, more natural landscapes.  River Bend’s half acre variations made it such fun to do this session for the future Mr. and Mrs. Brewington.  They were up for anything I suggested, which made my job so easy.  I always leave engagement sessions with a new zeal for photography, and I realize the great blessing that being able to capture important moments like this really is.

I’ve known Karleigh since she was a little girl, and I quickly felt like I’ve known Jon that long as well.   Karleigh has always been such a doll.  I remember that same long, dark hair that she has now always flying around because Karleigh was always flying around too.  She’s been beautiful inside and out since her first day on earth, and Jon saw that immediately.  They are absolutely the sweetest couple, truly a perfect match.  It was a delight for me to listen to their easy banter and their plans for the future.  I could feel their excitement as they talked about how they hoped their life will unfold in the next few years.  I can tell that they are on the same team and will work together to make their dreams come true.

Jon and Karleigh, you are a beautiful couple, and I’m honored to photograph your wedding this September.   I know your day will be such a joy to witness.  Here’s to a few more months of planning and bride/groom happenings.  Take it all in, because life passes so quickly.  In two snaps, we will be swishing a wedding dress and adjusting collars.   Love and blessings to you!!  Pat



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