June 19, 2023

Kelly + Hunter | A Beautiful Wedding at Woodburn Baptist Church

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Kelly and Hunter promised forever last weekend in a beautiful ceremony at Woodburn Baptist Church in Bowling Green.

I knew it was going to be a the sweetest day when I messaged Kelly that I was on my way and she replied that they were having such fun and she couldn’t wait to get things started.  And when I arrived, the atmosphere was simply happy.  Kelly’s friends were sitting around all over doing makeup and hair, and the laughter that filled the room also filled my heart too.  Even though I hadn’t previously met any of them, Kelly’s friends were all so welcoming and fun.  Some folks just fill the area around them with happiness.  That’s this couple and their friends to a T.      Everywhere I looked, there was someone working hard to make sure the timeline went off without a hitch or placing the florals in just the perfect spot.  And it flowed beautifully.  Throughout the entire day I was impressed with how both family and friends worked together to make Hunter and Kelly’s day simply amazing.

The Burgess-Esterling wedding was elegant, but not over the top.  Kelly’s dress was such a reminder of Jacqueline Kennedy, and I’ll say with certainty that she was every bit as stunning and classy as our former first lady.  Hunter couldn’t contain the emotions that flooded him as the love of his life walked down the aisle on her father’s arm.  From that moment on, she wasn’t out of his sight, and I can promise that she was just fine with that as well.  Their obvious deep devotion to each other gives me such a positive feeling about how they will weather the storms of life.  This is in no small part, I’m sure, to the fact that both their sets of parents are still deeply in love and devoted to each other as well.  What a beautiful legacy that these two will continue.

Kelly and Hunter, I know we just met in when we did your engagement session at Dale Hollow, but I feel like I’ve known you forever.  I will ALWAYS think of you with a smile in my heart.  You are truly a joy to be around, and your infectious zest for life is refreshing to say the least. Your kind demeanor and how you treat each other with genuine respect and love is such a blessing for me to see.  I love how you love each other.  Here’s to a lifetime of smiles and serving each other.  Love and blessings,  Pat

I have to mention this beautiful cake topper.  It follows along the same legacy that Hunter and Kelly enjoy.  This topper is from Kelly’s grandparents’ wedding a full 60 years ago.


Cake/Desserts | Leigh’s Treats

Catering | RSF Bluegrass Kitchen

Florals | Pam Lees

Hair | The Mane Salon (Rachel Miller & Jay Jordan)

Makeup | Chanda McLellan

Bride’s Attire | B Hughes Bridal

Groom’s Attire | Mens Warehouse

You can view Kelly and Hunter’s Engagement Blog here.


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