June 8, 2023

Jaylee + Tyler | A Beautiful May Wedding at Highland Stables

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Their vows in front of family and friends at Highland Stables said it all.

Jaylee feels incredibly blessed that Tyler is her husband and that he is first and foremost a Christian.   Tyler knows that Jaylee is the one beautiful lady on earth that God made just for him. They both promised to support each other, to always be there in both the good and trying times, and to always keep the Lord center of their home.   I’m paraphrasing here because it’s been a week since I wiped tears listening to their sweet promises.  But I’ll always remember the gist of those words, and feel the joy in their voices every time I think of Jaylee and Tyler’s vows.

I really could stop right there.  That’s all we need to know.  Those of us who have been married very long know the awesome gravity and beauty of those words.  There will be wonderful fields of flowers at times, and there will be deep valleys of struggles too.  Our lives here are not beds of roses, because we all have our human natures to contend with.  That’s the way that breathing oxygen for life works right now in our current state.  To know that no one (including our own selves) is perfect, and that the love of your life will make mistakes and try every being of your soul at times, and yet to love them still – that’s the beauty of marriage.  A wonderful marriage and happy life truly isn’t in finding the “perfect” human – that person left here 2,000 years ago.  Rather it is in finding the person who completes us, who loves us in spite of our human pitfalls and struggles, and who sees the awesome qualities over the struggles.  That’s the person who is right for us.

Jaylee and Tyler, I was honored to photograph your wedding!!  It was simply beautiful, and every single detail was perfect.  It’s been an great joy to watch you grow up Jaylee, and to see you find your person in Tyler.  I see the happiness that comes from both your hearts and it’s one of life’s greatest blessings.  I pray that you never forget how you felt on the day these photos were taken.  Please know that I will always be in your corner, praying for your success, cheering you on, and watching to see how your future unfolds.  Love and blessings always,  Pat


Venue | Highland Stables

DJ | Brady Chaney

Videographer |  Aaron Talley (Talley Media Group)

Florist | Fête Flowers

Coordination | Fête by Arnela (Arnela Salhovic)

Catering | Griddles

Hair | Kinsley Woods and Wendy Graves

Makeup | Tiffany Renick and Ashley Long

  1. Sherry Long says:

    This is so beautiful! You captured so many special moments that might have otherwise been missed; you have helped to keep the memories in your photography. Thank you my sweet friend for your work.

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