October 29, 2023

Angel + David | A Beautiful Fall Wedding at Country Ridge Venue

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There are always moments from a wedding that live in my heart forever.

David told me he wanted to practice his letter to Angel right before he read it to her.  I secretly thought he might actually be still working on it.  You know, wedding dates sneak up on your, and procrastinators like me have to scramble sometimes.  I was wrong.  I found him off to the side of where they planned to meet around a barn door at The Country Ridge.  And my heart tugged pretty hard when I heard him reading through his letter out loud.  He wanted to make sure it was just right for his Angel.   And it was.  He cried, she wiped tears, and my eyes leaked a few times too. 

These two are hilarious, super fun, and pretty straight to the point.  I knew they loved each other, and their families before this wedding.  But now, I have a whole new and deeper appreciation for just how strong their family connections are.  In a world where we are all entirely too busy for the important things in life, it’s nice to see when families have made a priority to get together, to raise their cousins to know each other, and show reverence to the ones who loved them first.  That’s the beautiful thing about love…  We don’t have a limited supply of love and compassion.  Just when we think our hearts are as full as they can get, they grow yet again.  I don’t know what more I can say about that except that the DJ talked about it too, about how close their family is and what a joy it is to see that.  I definitely agree.

Angel and David, I loved every second of photographing your wedding.  I loved every joke, every hurried step, delivering your threats to David, and then his answers back, and watching your families celebrate with you. But most of all, I loved watching you two share your joy on the best day of your married life so far.   Here’s hoping the joy keeps growing, the love gets deeper than you can currently imagine, and that peace follows you always.                                                                            Love and blessings,     Pat

Ceremony + Reception |  Country Ridge Venue

DJ Services |  Andy Morgan

Catering |   Griddles


You can view Angel and David’s engagement session here.


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