November 3, 2023

Ashley + Brian | A Beautiful Fall Wedding in Tompkinsville

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Ashley and Brian found each other when neither of them least expected it, and now they are living the life they once prayed for.

Saturday, October 28th, was beautiful.  It was unseasonably warm, with a hint of humidity.  The golden hues of fall spilled through the trees and wrapped  themselves around the beautiful bride and her handsome groom.  Leaves blew around and reminded us all that even though it didn’t feel like it by the temperature, fall really was all around us.  It brings with it the satisfaction of another harvest, the ending of one season, and the beginning of another.  Ashley and Brian’s wedding held the same significance.  It was the beginning of a new season of life for both of them, and one that we all pray will be filled with joy.

It’s always so sweet to meet families, to see the folks who helped mold each bride and groom into the person they are today.  I already knew Brian’s sweet sister from my JEBMS days. And when I met their parents and friends, I quickly realized the fantastic support system that they both have.   Brian’s mom worked tirelessly before the wedding and throughout the day to make sure it was perfect.  She literally was everywhere all at once.  Then Ashley danced with her dad and then her mom, it was obvious that they share a deep bond that has been a huge part of her life.  Throughout the day, their friends and family shared in the joy that Ashley and Brian clearly feel.

I was honored to photograph your wedding, Mr. and Mrs. White.  I saw the love your have for each other all day long.  That love was evident in how Brian’s eyes lit up when he turned to watch you walk down the aisle to him at the first look.  It shined through when Ashley watched you dance with little Macie, whom you’ve loved like your own.  I could go on with a hundred other examples from your special day, and I know everyone there could say the same.  What a blessing you’ve been given, to find your soulmate.  And it was certainly a joy to photograph the day you promised forever.  I wish you years of happiness.                 Love and blessings,  Pat


  1. Brenda Vaughn says:

    Just simply beautiful

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