January 30, 2019

Tucker | January Birthday Session in Scottsville, KY

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This boy. He’s hilarious. Smart. Full of opinions, but so very sweet and respectful. And he forgets NOTHING. I’m always so excited to see Tucker, and he amazes me every single year with his thinking and his precious personality. He’s used words way bigger than his own body since he was three. I fight to keep a straight face because he’s very serious about what he thinks, and I never want him to think I’m less than serious right with him. And every time I see him, I’m reminded anew of the beautiful wonder that is a child. (I shared his two year pics on my personal page a couple of days ago.)

This the 8th year, we discussed Egyptian mummies and whether or not I really did get that new floor I told him about LAST JANUARY, the one where you don’t have to be so careful when you walk. And when I mentioned that I’m going to CLEAN HOUSE with my props and backdrops this summer, “Oh Mrs Pat!” he really hoped I would not sell his favorite – the mattress one. I didn’t remember that I had a “mattress” backdrop, but his mom quickly figured out which one he meant. You’ll just have to scroll to see which one is his favorite, because we did have to do some pictures with it. And I promised to keep it. This is why I adore kids so very much. Their thoughts, wonders, and spirit is innocent and so full of promise.

So I have to mention how intensely proud Tucker is of his cowboy attire, boots, cool shirt, jeans and all. I thought either he or his mom might cause me to get a stitch because he couldn’t stop pulling his jeans up. Even when he tried, his little hands found themselves tugging at the belt, all the while he was insisting that he wasn’t pulling them up. We finally convinced him that cowboys wear their jeans just a little lower and once we got to the bridge, he forgot he even had jeans on.

And this little boy will always be a special buddy because we share a birthday from all the way around the world in Korea. I’m so thankful that we do, although last year his eyed got wide, and he thought 47 years old must be ancient. So I didn’t even mention that I got a number older this year too. Tucker makes me smile all the way inside, and I am so thankful that his mom and dad flew in that plane all the way across the world and brought back this precious child. And I’m thankful that I get to see him every January to celebrate another year and have some deep discussions about life. He is a blessing to me. Love – Pat


Andrew may reach right through the computer and get me, but this shot was tooo funny not to share.  I think Tucker was trying to walk like he envisions a cowboy would walk.  His dad couldn’t resist joining in.

Ashley and Andrew were one of my wedding couples a few years back.  I still remember my favorite shot pulled back from the church.  They were and still are one of my favorite couples!


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