May 27, 2024

Katie & Tyler’s Beautiful May Wedding at The Blanford House

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I knew the Davis-Petty Wedding at The Blanford House would be beautiful, and it was – just like Katie and Tyler themselves.

I can not say words about this wedding without also mentioning that I adore this couple, and felt beyond honored to photograph their engagement session (linked here) and their wedding.  Just yesterday, I was laughing at Katie’s middle school antics and trying to keep her quiet in class.  Her eyes would twinkle just as big as her heart, and every time I think of her I smile.  I watched Tyler’s more quiet, but normal boy doings too.  He was always behind the scenes, doing what needed to be done, and didn’t want any spotlight.  Never, ever would I have put them together.  Yet here we are; they are the perfect couple.  I know I’m just second behind their sweet families in the amount of pride and happiness I feel for them.

Katie and Tyler’s wedding was what they had hoped and planned, with lots of help from parents and friends who all came together to make it happen.  They made decisions, looked at options, and then sometimes changed their minds to make things flow or look differently.  Unless you’ve planned a wedding or been involved with the process, it’s hard to imagine exactly how much goes into making the day unfold as you envisioned.  When Katie’s mom came by a few months ago, I knew they had worked hard as a family to create Katie and Tyler’s dream day.  And it definitely was a dream.

Mr. and Mrs. Petty, I’m so excited to see how your future unfolds, and your wedding touched my heart.  I love how you incorporated special moments and shared your love with your friends and family.  Thank you for asking me to be a part of your day.  It was definitely a very special day for me.  I wish you amazing success and much happiness for years and years to come.  Love and blessings,   Pat


Moms and Dads.

First looks are the sweetest.  They can be private and get the nerves out of the way.


Venue | The Blanford House

Cake & Desserts | Tiffany Jones & Sandra Whitney

Catering | Walnut Creek Marina

Florals | Patricia Davis & Allen County Florist

Hair | Paige Yousofi

Makeup | Bailey Perdue

Bride’s Attire | Regiss of Glasgow

Grooms Attire | Georgios





  1. Patricia Davis says:

    I love you both so much.

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