September 26, 2023

Katelyn + Jeff | A Rainy September Wedding

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Katelyn and Jeff wanted an outdoor fall wedding.

We all watched the forecast all week, and crossed our fingers.  It changed daily and we hoped for the best, and knew that even if it rained, we’d have a wedding anyway.   And that’s what happened.  About the time we were ready to do a first look out next to the field and get all the photos finished before the guests arrived, the rain showed up.  And even though it was uninvited, it stayed until well after their wedding time of 4:30.  Our lips drooped for a bit, and then we regrouped.  Because that’s what you do.  After all, your wedding is not about the weather, or even pretty pictures.  It’s about celebrating the fact that you’ve found the person you want to spend the rest of your life with.    So we did a first look upstairs, found plenty of towels to dry off the chairs once it stopped raining, had the sweetest wedding, and then did all the photos afterward.  And it was fine, and beautiful.  It’s their wedding story now, and they will remember it with a smile.

I’ll always remember the first look.  Jeff wanted to go ahead and do it even if we couldn’t get those pretty photos we all love, because he knew he would cry when he saw his bride.   They decided to hold hands around the door, and then stepped out together.  And Jeff cried.  Katelyn was a beautiful bride and her almost-husband was smitten for sure.  It was a moment neither of them will ever forget.  Katelyn later pointed out that she didn’t cry.  But the rest of us did.

Katelyn and Jeff, I hope you always remember how you felt on September 16th.  And more than that, I hope you always handle life’s ups and downs with the grace which you handled the crazy weather with on your wedding day.  That’s how life is.  We plan, dream, and do everything we can to be prepared, but sometimes things are just out of our control.  The joy and happiness inside us comes from how we handle those unexpected things.   If your wedding was any indication, I know you have this covered.  You are both amazing people, and I wish you years and years of happiness.  We will all be cheering for you!   Love and blessings,   Pat


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