September 27, 2023

Abigail + Brayden | A Beautiful Engagement Session at Olde Stone

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I spent last Wednesday afternoon with Abby and Brayden at Olde Stone.

I’ve done several sessions for Abby over the years, and this is definitely one of my favorites.  Being engaged is such a special time in life. And even though he doesn’t truly love having his photo made, Brayden is clearly smitten with his beautiful sweetheart.  I laughed and told them that it’s quite amazing how a girl who loves her photos made often has fallen in love with a guy who would be happy to never have his made.  What I appreciate about them is that they both are so real, but also kind, and that is a quality that is so important to have in any relationship but especially a marriage.  Each of them has learned to make allowances for the other, and that’s what we all have to do.  Thank you guys for doing a ridiculous amount of smiling, hugging, twirling, and walking to get these photos.

Doing this session for them made me even more aware of the quick passage of time.  It feels like just yesterday, Abby was running up and down the halls of JEBMS.  She was always concerned for others around her, and I quickly found how much I appreciated and loved her sweet heart.   We’ve turned around twice, and now she’s working with kindergartners and about to promise forever and begin the next chapter of her life.  It makes my head spin to think about it.  And I’m pretty sure Brayden’s family feels the same way about how quickly he has become the amazing young man that he is today.

Abby and Brayden, I LOVED doing this session for you.  Your happiness is contagious, and I can’t believe in just one year, you’ll be walking down the aisle into your future.  I’m not wishing one minute of time away, but I also can’t wait to capture that most important day for you.  Meanwhile, take some extra breaths, enjoy this next year of festivities, and before you know it, we will meet again for some more memories.  Love and blessings,  Pat

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