April 12, 2023

Kaitlyn + Lucan | A Beautiful Spring Wedding at 3M Farms in Scottsville

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I couldn’t think of a better beginning to the 2023 Wedding Season than photographing a beautiful couple right here at 3M Farms in Scottsville!!  I love traveling all over to various venues and locations, but doing weddings close to home is such a sweet break from the road time.

And let me tell you, capturing Kaitlyn and Lucan’s first-look reaction was everything.  I loved that they even did their personal vows privately during this time.  This is something that more couples are choosing to do with their first looks.  They are able to spend some time together to get the nerves out, and also to say exactly how they feel in private.  If you are on the fence about a first look, talk to Lucan Nealy.  He’s definitely a believer.  He told me that it helped him relax and enjoy the rest of the day.  It isn’t for everyone, but if you can’t decide for sure, find someone who did one, and just ask.

Not only did the Nealys have a beautiful wedding, but behind so many details was specific meaning.  This is why I love taking the time to capture even the smallest details on your wedding day.  They mean so much to my couples and help tell their story from beginning to end.  They included photos of their family members who were with them in spirit only, and Kaitlyn wore jewelry from her grandparents and included a beautiful broach on her bouquet.  She told me the stories behind these, and how appropriate that they are included because they represent the people who helped make her into the person she is today.  And Lucan’s mom had fishing hooks made into hearts and placed them onto the wooden pieces on each table.  I always want to capture these elements and love hearing why they are there.

Kaitlyn and Lucan, I was blessed to see the closeness you both feel with your families.  How you included them in every part of your day made that apparent.  AND I loved reliving your wedding day as I edited your photos; I hope your photos help you to do just that for decades to come.  I have to say that my favorite part of your day was when we were blessed with such a spectacular sunset and captured those sweet photos.  But in reality, your entire day was amazing, and I will remember your joy and love for each other forever.  I pray you always keep the happiness that you felt on this day, and I’ll always pray for and celebrate milestones with you!  Love and blessings,  Pat

The bond between mother and daughter with these two is beyond inspiring.  What a blessing to see.



  1. Ellen says:

    You were absolutely amazing Pat! Thank you for capturing her day in such a beautiful way!

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