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Hey There!! I'd love for you to hang out with me for a bit!  check out my latest work and grab some inspiration for your wedding, senior or family session.

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Our sweet neighbors, Martha and Sam Bray host an amazing gathering of golden light, a few bees of various varities, and tons of laughter and “ooohhhs” and “aaahhhhs.” That is of course the yearly blooming of the Bray Sunflower Field. And it makes me smile – REALLY BIG! I love doing these sessions; They are […]

Sunflowers in the Field | Favorites from 2019

Portrait Sessions

July 18, 2020

“Khank you,” she said a thousand times in between giggles and trying to run away. Braylee’s mom and dad were all smiles, but their eyes were constantly on their little girl. She is faster than lightening, and other than heights, fears nothing. More than once she was in my frame and I suddenly heard more […]

Braylee | Two Years of Sweetness

Portrait Sessions

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April 16, 2019