April 11, 2019

Brooke + Taylor | A Spring Engagement Session at Barren River State Park

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They went to high school together, but just as friends. And now they are about to tie the knot and promise forever. She’s got a beautiful ring, but more importantly, she’s holds his heart in her hands. And even though he adores her, he doesn’t like pictures. He told me that a few years ago when I did his senior pics at his mom’s insistence. But he gets it. Girls like pics, and you gotta just do them sometimes. Taylor, you did awesome back then, and this week too. And Brooke, of course, was simply beautiful, and her hair is perfect (I’m a bit jealous of anyone who has straight hair). I know she will be a gorgeous bride.

Brooke’s handsome little boy summed it all up for me. We had decided to leave the park briefly to move to a field I love right past the park. As I flew past him to get my vehicle before the sunlight left, he called out, “Hey, did you know that my daddy is gonna marry my mama?” I stopped in my tracks.  Forget the sun.  I was smitten from that moment on. He’s beyond adorable and his curls and blue-blue eyes crinkle in just the perfect way. And Brooke and Taylor have a new precious little baby together. Brooke’s mom came to babysit them, so they could do these pictures. I can’t wait to capture some moments with Collin and Rylin with this sweet couple in June.

It’s kind of amazing how things turn out. Billy Joe and I have been friends with Taylor’s family for quite a while.  Then when my mother-in-law stayed in Cal Turner last fall, we met Brooke and her mom because they work there. They were both part of the fantastic care that she received, and we couldn’t be more grateful. So that made this session extra special for me.  I wanted to create beautiful images that showcase how fresh and special their love is and also how much they mean to our family.  Not everyone can work in a health care setting, particularly one when life can be pretty tough and outcomes aren’t always great.  Those who do and come through each day with a smile are special people.  Thank you Brooke and Christina.

Taylor and Brooke, I loved the time we spent together, and I appreciate you being so open to walking through mud to get to perfect light, and trusting me to capture the love you feel for each other.  It was my honor and I hope I did you justice.   June will be here in a flash, and I can’t wait to be a part of your big day at the LoraLee!  Love and blessings, Pat





  1. Chrostina says:

    Thank you Pat! Amd it was a great pleasure taking care of your mother in law. She was one of the sweetest people ive met!

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