March 25, 2019

365 Days Later | Brady is One

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Cue the birthday sights and sounds; little blue eyed Brady is a whole one year old!!! And this year has flown! How can it be that 365 days have already passed since he made the world a little sweeter with his smiles? I remember when Lucy and Austin brought their new love for pictures, and I could NOT get over his beautiful hair and those blue-blue eyes. Each time I’ve seen him, I’ve been amazed at how fast he’s grown and how quickly he changed throughout the year. Make sure you scroll to the bottom to see for yourself how this little fella has grown.


We wanted to do more pictures outside, but March winds were having none of it.  I’m pretty sure the it was biting us adults worse than Brady because he was all smiles.  And why wouldn’t he be?  His very own four-wheeler?  He was all about it!  And I was all about the pretty sunset that gave a pretty glow, even though it felt more like November outside.


Look at those teeth!  “Little Dude” has been busy this first year!

Lucy kept trying to get a few shots of Brady with the Copas Trucking hat.  I’m not sure he’s going to be a hat guy.  He could pull it off faster than she could put it on and jump back for the pic.  So we decided to occupy his hands.  It worked.

Brady’s hair kept falling into his eyes, and Lucy got a workout just pushing it back.  I have a feeling he’s about to get his first hair cut as soon as he turns one.  When you see his newborn and how much hair he came into this word sporting, it’s easy to see why it’s long now.  What is always a little heart melting to see is how a baby goes into get his hair cut, and comes out a toddler.   So Lucy get ready and take a tissue or two.

Brady loves his farm animals, and we had a challenge to keep him looking at the camera instead of playing with them.  I’m sure he thought he was being tortured.  LOL – I mean why would we put his favorite buddies right in front of him and then not want him to touch them???  He touched them….

Oh my word; How can you look at the picture on the right and not smile?

And maybe Brady will be a mechanic and not a farmer….. Who knows?

So this first cake smash photo is a little deceiving.  Brady was not about that cake.  Not interested at all.  I think he might have liked the taste, but he was more about all the other things around it.  And he couldn’t figure out the feel of the icing on his hands either.2019-03-25_0023.jpg

And then he was over it completely.




And now, a quick look back at Brady’s first twelve months.  This photo is my favorite from his newborn pics.  Look at that hair!



That blue shirt just made little Brady’s eyes pop.


Like so many couples who I am blessed to photograph, Lucy and Austin are former students of mine.  It has been one of the greatest joys of my life to watch so many kiddos whom I’ve loved over the years grow up, fall in love, and start families of their own.  I think it means I’m getting old, but it’s been sweet getting here.


That teething ring was a very important part of Brady’s six month session, and it’s no wonder when you see his teeth at one year.  This boy was busy!

Little Brady, it’s been a blessing to watch you grow this year.  You are an amazing and loved little boy and I know you will do awesome things.  I can’t wait to see what fantastic things come your way this next year!  Love and blessings,   -Pat

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