October 16, 2023

Angeleah + Steven | A Beautiful Fall Wedding at Shaker Springs

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We are knee-deep into fall nuptials, and fall weather certainly decided to show up for Angeleah and Steven’s wedding last Saturday at Shaker Springs.  Not that any of us were complaining.  The crisp, cool air felt perfect and the bride and groom couldn’t have been happier.

Angeleah and Steven are the absolute sweetest couple and beautiful inside and out.  Their happiness was on full display on October 7th, and it was heartwarming to witness.  I won’t ever forget the genuine, big smile on Steven’s face as he watched his bride come down the aisle.  These two are a perfect match for sure.  And when they came back down the aisle as husband and wife, the guests were treated to a little dance that made everyone smile at their joy.  Loving the life you get to live together is important and these two have that mastered.  Watching them dance together at their first dance was so sweet.  Their smiles said it all.  And then when Angeleah danced with her dad and Steven with his mom, it was equally touching.  They both clearly have a solid family foundation.

Mr. and Mrs. Gillespie, I was incredibly honored to photograph your wedding!  Your planning, hard work, and vision came to life in such a beautiful way, and I pray that your marriage does even more.  Here’s hoping that you are still dancing down the aisle of life when you can barely move your feet years and years from now. One things is for sure, if I’m still around, I’ll still be cheering you on.  Love and blessings,  Pat

I loved Angeleah’s FB thank you to those who helped their dream day come true, and I lifted it to permanently live here as well.

We just wanted to thank everyone who was able to be with us on our big day yesterday and those that were thinking of us but couldn’t! We have had so much help and support from family and friends and we just wanted to say thank you!
Thank you to everyone for all of the cards/gifts that we have received! We are definitely blessed to have so many people that care about us! We truly couldn’t ask for better family/friends!
A big thank you to my parents for all that they have done! From making decorations, getting chairs, decorating the venue and cleaning everything up and so much more!!
Another big thank you to Carrianne ,Jody and Nancy for doing our rehearsal dinner and for our little get together afterwards! Oh and Jody did help decorate too lol!
Thanks to my best friend Laurie for helping me plan out the wedding and helping me pick out lots of things!
Thank you to my brother and Storie for helping with music and coordinating the wedding! Y’all did awesome!
Also a big thank you to HOG WILD BBQ for catering!
Pat Jackson for our amazing photography! We got to see sneak peaks on her camera! ❤️
Our absolutely gorgeous/delicious cake from Brandy!
Our awesome preacher Mike Harper!
And thank you to so many other people that helped make this day possible! It couldn’t have all came together without you! We love you all so much! God Bless each and everyone of you!
Steven & Angeleah Gillespie

You can view Steven and Angeleah’s spring engagement session here.


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