March 27, 2019

Waddell Family | It’s Finally Spring in Scottsville

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Amy and I thought we were just juggling around the unpredictable spring weather systems, Ashton and Emma’s work schedules, and deciding if she wanted to wait for blooms and chance it, or go ahead because Saturday was forecast to be sunny. Then came a message to me from Amy, “So this is the luck I have with a family of six….” Apparently Anne Claire and Ethan were playing ball and Ethan’s lip was swollen and busted from a little mishap. Then I had to send her, “I have the flu! :(” Things were just a bit complicated, and someone who didn’t value photography would have quickly given up the fight.

Thankfully, by Saturday Ethan’s lip was mostly healed, I was better, both girls could still make it, and weather was great, but there were not many blooms anywhere. In any world, five out of six isn’t bad, so we did pictures. And had a blast. Well, I can’t speak for Ethan and Ryan (who were way more interested in what kind of fish were under the bridge), but I think the rest of us did.  I will have to give kudos to the guys too because pictures just aren’t always a guy thing, but they did them, and even smiled for most. And they were willing to do more than one location, so that’s even more kudos.

So the Waddell family is beautiful, down to the furry members, Nala and Stella. (Sorry, Ryan and Ethan, I’m not meaning to calling you beautiful. LOL) I’ve known most of the members of the family separately, but I haven’t been around them all together.  And the personality differences and how this crew all works together to make a family kept me in stitches for the entire hour we were together.  Some are OCD, some laid back, some early, some not (I relate closely to the laid back, not early ones). And together, they make a family that takes on a life and personality of it’s own.  Then you add little energetic Anne Claire who won my heart in two seconds because she thought I was famous.  That gave me a real chuckle, but touched my soul.  Isn’t that sweet, and so innocent?  When you are a child, everything is simple and true, and sadly we lose that open honesty as we get older. Our world would be a better place if we looked at more things through a child’s eyes.

Waddells, you were a hoot. I can’t believe the girls and Ethan are grown or almost there (and honestly, it doesn’t seem that long ago that Amy came for Senior photos herself), and I loved every moment I spent with you all. I hope you enjoy your pictures for years to come and that you have great memories from having them made. As with all families, yours is changing every day, and I know you will always be thankful that you captured this moment in time. Thanks for letting me be a part. Love and blessings, Pat


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