November 23, 2020

Tagen | An Allen County-Scottsville Senior Session

Teens Seniors

Ya’ll, I can’t even. I have so many emotions rolling through my heart right now… To say that I’m incredibly proud of this talented and beautiful girl is the understatement of the century.

Tagen has had my heart since her middle school days.  She didn’t make waves, did her work, and time moved right on.  And just like for every other kiddo who comes through JEBMS, I hoped and prayed that her life’s path would be full of joy and hope.  A couple after she left us, I was thrilled when she appeared at the window at McDonald’s to hand out my order.  And since then, she’s kept me updated about her family in quick snippets through the months.  AND she’s also working at Sonic.   My last update when we did these pictures, is a 4.0 average and she’s in the process of choosing where to move her education and future forward.  And I KNOW Tagen will be successful.  She knows that life is what you make of it, and that you and your decisions are the most important part of your success.  Well that and some hard work.

Tagen, I know you aren’t perfect (none of us are), but you are amazing!!  I love how you don’t let anything keep you down.  Girl, you’ve already figured out what lots of adults with years of life still don’t understand.  It isn’t that life doesn’t throw you some pretty serious curve balls, it’s what you do with your own choices that matters.  And sometimes you have to clear the forest to make your own path.  Whatever path and career you choose, I know it will be with an open heart and you won’t look back.  Did I mention I’m proud of you???  Love and blessings,  Pat

Tagen Sr 2021_0020-.jpg
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Tagen Sr 2021_0028-.jpg
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Tagen Sr 2021_0036-.jpg
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Tagen Sr 2021_0048-.jpg
Tagen Sr 2021_0050-.jpg
Tagen Sr 2021_0042-.jpg
Tagen Sr 2021_0057-.jpg
Tagen Sr 2021_0061-.jpg
Tagen Sr 2021_0064-.jpg
Tagen Sr 2021_0054-.jpg
Tagen Sr 2021_0046-.jpg
Tagen Sr 2021_0052-.jpg
Tagen Sr 2021_0058-.jpg
Tagen Sr 2021_0060-.jpg
Tagen Sr 2021_0070-.jpg
Tagen Sr 2021_0075-.jpg
Tagen Sr 2021_0066-.jpg
Tagen Sr 2021_0068-.jpg
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Tagen Sr 2021_0072-.jpg
Tagen Sr 2021_0076-.jpg
Tagen Sr 2021_0077-.jpg
Tagen Sr 2021_0079-.jpg
Tagen Sr 2021_0080-.jpg
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Tagen Sr 2021_0092-.jpg
Tagen Sr 2021_0097-.jpg
Tagen Sr 2021_0084-.jpg
Tagen Sr 2021_0088-.jpg
Tagen Sr 2021_0081-.jpg

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