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Ya’ll, I can’t even. I have so many emotions rolling through my heart right now… To say that I’m incredibly proud of this talented and beautiful girl is the understatement of the century. Tagen has had my heart since her middle school days.  She didn’t make waves, did her work, and time moved right on.  […]

Tagen | An Allen County-Scottsville Senior Session

Teens Seniors

November 23, 2020

Katherine is beautiful, incredibly talented, and photogenic on top of that.  When she asked me to do her senior pictures, I was excited because I knew we’d have a great time! One of the things I love most about Katherine is her infectious laughter.  We all know that mirth is priceless; it’s the stuff that makes […]

Katherine | An Allen County – Scottsville Senior Session

Teens Seniors

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November 18, 2020

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I remember when he was at JEBMS, and it seems like it was just yesterday. Nolan grew up over night, and now he’s a quarter of the way through his Senior year!! We would all agree that it’s a Senior Year like no other. This time in our history isn’t easy on anyone. We ALL […]

Nolan Carter C/O 2021 | An Allen County-Scottsville Senior Session

Teens Seniors

October 6, 2020