July 17, 2020

Shenna + Kyle | A Summer Engagement Session in Southern Kentucky

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This session is proof of the power of golden hour – you know – that glowy, magical 60-90 minutes before the sun goes to sleep for the day. I try to schedule as many sessions during golden hour as I can, and I’m so glad we were able to work out this one.

I’ve known Shenna since she was a student at JEBMS, but I just met Kyle last fall when we did Christmas Tree Farm pics. I could tell then that this was heading toward forever, and I love happy endings. When Shenna messaged me about photographing a wedding for them this fall, I was thrilled. Sometimes love happens when we least expect it, and I’m super excited for these two. The last few weeks, I’ve watched how they are adding touches to a new home that they’ve bought, and I can hear the happiness and contentment in their voices when they talk. It’s a wonderful thing when two hearts meet at the right time, and things begin to fall into place.

Thanks so much for trusting me with such an important time in your lives Shenna and Kyle. I wish you lots of great memories and amazing happiness as we head toward your promise for forever. We will turn around twice, and October will be here. I can’t wait to capture that day for you too. Love and blessings, Pat

Shenna + Kyle Eng_0015-.jpg
Shenna + Kyle Eng_0016-.jpg
Shenna + Kyle Eng_0004-.jpg
Shenna + Kyle Eng_0012-.jpg
Shenna + Kyle Eng_0002-.jpg
Shenna + Kyle Eng_0006-.jpg
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Shenna + Kyle Eng_0001-.jpg
Shenna + Kyle Eng_0014-.jpg
Shenna + Kyle Eng_0019-.jpg
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Shenna + Kyle Eng_0013-.jpg
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Shenna + Kyle Eng_0029-.jpg
Shenna + Kyle Eng_0024-.jpg
Shenna + Kyle Eng_0042-.jpg

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