August 22, 2020

Shawn Huff | ACS Class of 2021

Teens Seniors

Shawn came out last Saturday for a quick Senior session, and I was thrilled to see that he hasn’t changed one bit from his JEBMS days.

He’s one of the best natured young men I’ve ever seen, and he just takes life as it comes. Shawn never makes waves, and yet he has opinions and ideas just like everyone else.  He’s the kind of young man that you just love being around because he is always super respectful and easy to talk to. I have such admiration for his type of personality, because I feel that they are the backbone of our country, quietly living their life and finding joy in everyday smiles.

One thing that makes Shawn smile is his Dodge truck. He’s very proud of it and the American flag that he flies in the back. The wind picked up just perfectly so we could grab a shot of him sitting with it flying behind him. He loves our country and I know he’s going to make us all proud too.

Shawn, I wish you much success as you finish your high school career and head on to the next chapters of your life. It has been a joy to watch you grow into the awesome young man that you are today.  I hope that all your dreams come true!!        Lots and lots of blessings, Pat

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