November 17, 2022

Paige + Kayvan | A Beautiful Fall Wedding at Country Ridge Venue

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If you think weather isn’t important, look into the eyes of a bride who just saw a green covered radar on her wedding morning….

Weddings are often the most planned event of your lifetime.  They vary from couple to couple, but their importance can not be understated.  And yet, there are so many things out of your control.  What is always in your control is keeping everything in the proper perspective.  The weather may not be ideal, but your love is still just as real, and your memories can still  be just as beautiful.  As soon as I walked into The Country Ridge Venue, I knew that Paige and Kayvan clearly had the right perspective.  They made adjustments to their plans, and their wedding was nothing short of breathtaking, the best combination of elegant and fun, and celebrated an amazing couple.  You literally couldn’t have bottled the laughter in a 100 gallon barrel, especially when the groom’s brother gave his speech.  It was a wedding that I won’t ever forget.  In the end, the weather was a part of their wedding, but they didn’t let it dominate the day.

I was thrilled that despite the wind that blew her beautiful hair sideways a few times, Paige was more than open to doing all the photos before the wedding outside.  Because they did a first look, we had plenty of time to grab lots of different shots and I challenge you to find one of them where how this couple feels about each other doesn’t shine through.  What a blessing it is when you find the one whom your soul loves.  And the Yousofis are truly blessed.

I can not say enough that I loved photographing this wedding.  Their fun-loving attitudes, and the way their families and friends worked together to create a beautiful day for them are things I won’t ever forget.  Paige and Kayvan, you are an amazing couple.  I will always think back on your day with a smile, and my prayers is that nothing but happiness and success is yours.  Love and blessings, Pat


You can view Paige and Kayvan’s engagement session here.

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