September 2, 2023

Morgan + Cole | A Beautiful Wedding at Elkin’s Grove

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Sometimes a wedding just takes your breath.


Morgan and Cole’s did just that.  The laughter, the joy, the love these two share, and the beautiful surroundings – it all made a perfect day.  I simply couldn’t get over how everything just flowed easily.  And that was in spite of last Saturday being the the last day of an intense August heat wave.  I can only imagine the stress these two felt when they heard the forecast for Saturday.  In fact, Morgan and Cole decided to move their wedding time to allow the sun to drop a bit lower. That was a super smart move and made their wedding as comfortable as it was beautiful.  It allowed the afternoon to truly be a celebration of these two who adore each other.  You don’t have to be around them very long to see that they have this “working together” thing figured out.  Sometimes you have to pivot and change plans, and their willingness to do that speaks volumes about how they deal with life.  I’ve known Cole since he was a little boy, and I can just tell that beautiful Morgan is the other half that completes his soul.  They are both simply amazing individuals.  Together, they are definitely a blessed team.

Every wedding is different, and depending on what is important to the bride and groom, the focus is different too.  Can I just talk about Morgan’s choices for this wedding for a minute??  Oh WOW!  It was all simply stunning.  What I loved was that it wasn’t over done.  It was aesthetically spot on, but not over the top.  Everything from her gorgeous dress, earth tone color choices, boho florals, half-naked cake, bubble braids and long hair styles- it all was something that I will remember because it was so beautiful together.  I was in photography heaven for sure.

I will also always remember and appreciate how much Morgan and Cole trusted me to find the right light and locations for their photos.  Light is the number one factor in photos.  It can fall around you in sweet hues that accent and highlight how you feel at that moment;  it can cast harsh shadows and create a less than flattering look; – or  it can fall somewhere in between.  Every moment of the day the light changes, and when I say – I’m always chasing the right light – that literally is what I mean.  So when a bride says – I’m open to anywhere you think is best – I know it’s gonna be a great afternoon.  Elkin’s Grove has so many beautiful options, and thankfully we had great light in multiple spots, so I left the Billingsley Wedding with a big smile on my face.

Morgan and Cole, you are close to my heart, and I’ll always have happy thoughts of your beautiful wedding.  But as gorgeous as your day was, what is most important is how you look at each other, the deep love that you share.  Anyone can see how your hearts touch from a mile away, and I know that both your families are simply thrilled that you have found your soul mate in each other.  I hope you’ve had an amazing honeymoon, and that you have an even more blessed life together in the years to come.                      Love and blessings,  Pat


Catering | Jessica Watkins
Florals |  Hobdys Too
DJ Services |  Cameron Odil 
Hair & Makeup | Chloe Clark
Here are a few of my favorites from Morgan and Cole’s sunflower engagement session last summer.

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