December 26, 2019

Mini Sessions at the Hartman Christmas Tree Farms

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I’ve always loved Christmas and everything associated with it; family traditions, the hustle and bustle of activity, and most of all remembering the Real Meaning of the Season. And another tradition that I love is taking photos at the Hartman Christmas Tree Farm.  This year, we celebrated Christmas, birthdays, the love of families and maternity, and even a gender reveal.

The Hartman farm is located right off the new Glasgow Road, and it’s a cool place to photograph littles and families.  The farm  covers some ground, so sometimes when I left the farm,  could hardly walk. But I was one happy girl.  And now it’s already over for the 2019 season, and I already miss it.


The Hartmans were AWESOME hosts!

I can’t share these sessions without a HUGE shout out and THANK YOU to the Hartmans, who graciously allowed me to shoot sessions at their Christmas tree farm.  I happened to be there when they came to chop down their own family tree.  If you know the Hartman girls, this time was full of great discussion, hilarious comments, and just the best atmosphere ever.


The Hall Family loves Christmas too!

The Hall family session was late one cloudy afternoon, but they still turned out just fine.  Little Braylee has always amazed me and I’ve adored her from the first time I saw her big blue eyes.  She’s always coming up with something that shows some deep thought, and you can almost see her wheels turning when she looks at you a certain way.  I loved her buffalo plaid, but also her purple winter coat.  We had such fun and she did not want to leave.  I didn’t either.

The Neal Family is growing!

Jenna is the art teacher at JEBMS and we appreciate her hard work so much.  Her sweet family is about to grow and this session was a celebration of their family as it is now, and the promise of what is to come.  Jenna was absolutely glowing even though if you look closely, you can see the rain drops falling.  And they also held an ominous promise – a monsoon.  Right after we left.


First Photos as a Family

Shenna’s family was such fun to photograph.  They were great sports and I loved the casual and fun atmosphere that they brought with them.  I walked them all over the place, and they never stopped smiling.  It was the first opportunity I had this season to photograph with the Christmas trees in the sun.

Blake is Almost Two!

The Copas family came to celebrate Blake’s upcoming 2nd birthday.  He was super interested in everything and we had a great time grabbing these shots.  One thing is for sure, his big sister loves him, and I believe that mostly he does her too.  When she gets a little too motherly, he won’t have it.  I love watching their sweet interactions and I’m amazed at how much they’ve grown every time I see them. You have to keep scrolling to see Blake trying to get his reindeer to cooperate. I just want to reach into the picture and hug his sweet cheeks!

Berry Gender Reveal for Twins!

Taylor and Beth were excited to share their baby news through their session at the Hartman farm.  I should have said BABIES – and when both pink and blue smoke blew into the air, everyone was giggles and smiles.  And those babies have no idea how much their sweet big sisters already love  them.

More Berrys who are Pretty in Pink.  Well not Tyler.

Brandi did buffalo plaid last year (My husband is very interested to know why red and black blocks equals buffalo plaid by the way.), and she wanted something different this year.  Perfect choice, both she and Elena are pretty in pink, and Tyler just loves them – period.  Elena is such a personality, and her big blue eyes have held my heart for about three years now.

You can have pretty photos right in your own front yard.

The Wheat Family photos are the only ones who weren’t made at the Hartman Christmas Tree Farm.  Their session took place in about 15 hurried minutes right before rain and dark.  And I couldn’t be happier with the sweet smiles from Hannah and Levi, and the posing from Kelly Kate and Fluffy Ann.  The tree in this session was Josh and Bethany’s first Christmas tree.  How cool is it that they planted it after the season!!

Landree Long is celebrating two years of sweet and sass!

The Longs came to celebrate Landree’s 2nd birthday and Christmas too!  She’s an absolute doll and one busy little girl.  Nothing gets past her and she loves watching for the rabbits just like her daddy.  (You can ask Sandi about that.  LOL) Her older sister Karlee was sick, so she gets to do another session with them tomorrow.


Aubry loves Christmas too!

Aubry is 13!!!  And she has no idea how fast time is flying – but her mama does.  And I do too!! What I also know is that she is a beautiful young lady!  We weren’t even planning to do pics at the farm because we did them there last year.   Aubrey wanted to finish there, and my heart smiled.  I love that she wanted to go back!

Family photos are so important, and as time goes on, they become even more cherished.

The Blankenship and Meador families came to the tree farm too.  And Miss Harlee stole the show from the first minute to the last.  You can see the adoration for her in every single set of eyes in this sweet family.

Whitley, Justice, Rhett and Sadie – I love doing pictures of my family too.

Isn’t Rhett stinking cute? He’s such a big boy now, and definitely feels it because he has a new little brother at his dad’s house, and now sweet Sadie is on the scene at his mom’s. It’s amazing to watch him grow and change right before our eyes.


Bear has been in a bit of trouble lately, but he’s the perfect finish to this family picture.  I love doing everyone’s pictures, but capturing moments for my own family is equally amazing.  The little ones are growing before my eyes, and I’m afraid to blink.

Marissa’s family is blessed to watch her fun personality every day!

I’ve done pictures for the Meador family for years and Marissa is always such fun to photograph.  If it can be thought, she will think it, and her imagination is second to none.  I loved adding this session to our memories together.

Aria’s beautiful blue eyes look right into your heart. 

And they tug on it too. When Caley shared these pictures, she wrote about the blessing and joy of motherhood. It’s no stretch to see that she feels what she says. I loved doing these pics for the Ruth family.



  Can you see those lashes??? Aria has such perfect baby features; she looks like a little baby doll. Between her crystal blue eyes and her sweet nature, I was in love in two seconds.ChristmasTreeMinis_0053.jpg

The Charltons – We blinked and time has flown.  

And I don’t even know how many years and sessions I’ve photographed for the Charltons. They are an amazing family and Wendy appreciates photographs just as much as I do. That always makes for a great session; so much so that the guys have learned to drive separately. They can’t handle all our ideas and fun.  LOL

I love doing their pictures.



So here’s to an awesome 2019 season.  I loved every family, every minute, and every step.  I hope you have a blessed 2020!

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