June 28, 2020

Jayleigh is Graduated | Allen County Senior Session

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Jayleigh, along with most of her classmates, walked across the football field on June 19th, and accepted her disploma in a very socially distanced Allen County High School graduation ceremony. And even though it was very different than “normal,” it didn’t change the fact that graduation is a super important rite of passage. She’s on to the next chapter of her life, and I loved capturing the joy she felt regardless of six foot rules everywhere.

While I was editing these, I remembered that last year when I did her actual senior session – and who knew what the next year would hold!! – my blog was on the blink and I didn’t blog her senior session. So this blog is a combination of the two.

Jayleigh you are such a beautiful, sweet, and smart young lady and I loved doing your pictures! I love your zest for life – your funny and quirky way of saying what everyone is thinking but not saying, and the joy you share with everyone who knows you. I wish you so much luck and blessings as you head into a degree program near and dear to my heart – middle grades education. I knew you were a special person all along, but you confirmed it when you said you want to teach middle schoolers. And coming from someone who has spent the last 27 years of my life with them – it’s such a blessing and also sometimes incredibly hard. I’m so thankful that we have young folks who also love kids and who are ready to step into the teaching profession as we older ones retire.

I wish you tons of blessings and joy in the years ahead. Love, Pat
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