November 21, 2020

Hanna + Jacob | A Beautiful Fall Wedding at Ironwood

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Hanna and Jacob had a perfect wedding at Ironwood.

It’s an amazing venue on its own, but when you add the sweet joy of love and laughter that a wedding brings, it makes you just want to sit under the stars and breathe it all in for hours.  The last leaves clung to the trees just long enough to scatter that golden light that we all love so much.

When I think of the Blairs, I will always smile.  They trusted me with locations, and we found some breathtaking spots.  I was beside myself with so many options and if you know me, I don’t control that very well.  What I can say is that Jacob and Hanna never stopped smiling, and they clearly have a true and deep love.  I was incredibly thankful that we were blessed with such a perfect day to celebrate their promise of forever.

Hanna+Jacob Wdg_0022-.jpg

Hanna+Jacob Wdg_0103-.jpg

One of my favorite parts of a wedding is the flurry of activity, the occasional nervous laugh, and the mad dash to find some thing that has inevitably been forgotten.  If you are reading this and you are about to get married, my advice would be to make lists of what you need and allow tons of extra time.  And REMEMBER – your wedding will be perfect even if you forget three things and if you have to go running across the field to make up time.  I’m sure Jacob won’t mind me telling that he forgot his belt.  It was ok; it was figured out.  And have you ever seen a prettier couple???  It was PERFECT!!
Hanna+Jacob Wdg_0001-.jpg
Hanna+Jacob Wdg_0054-.jpg
Hanna+Jacob Wdg_0061-.jpg
Hanna+Jacob Wdg_0057-.jpg

I loved the glitz in Hanna’s dress.  It sparkled and glittered just like her eyes.  Look closely at the fabric.  Absolutely stunning!!
Hanna+Jacob Wdg_0059-.jpg
Hanna+Jacob Wdg_0070-.jpg
Hanna+Jacob Wdg_0075-.jpg
Hanna+Jacob Wdg_0077-.jpg
Hanna+Jacob Wdg_0069-.jpgHanna+Jacob Wdg_0081-.jpg

And LOOK at this gorgeous bouquet!!
Hanna+Jacob Wdg_0002-.jpg
Hanna+Jacob Wdg_0019-.jpg
Hanna+Jacob Wdg_0029-.jpg

So many sweet touches and thoughtfully placed items made this wedding stunning and heartwarming all at the same time.
Hanna+Jacob Wdg_0021-.jpg
Hanna+Jacob Wdg_0024-.jpg
Hanna+Jacob Wdg_0026-.jpg
Hanna+Jacob Wdg_0037-.jpg

So sorry, I couldn’t stop taking photos of this bouquet!! It was perfect.
Hanna+Jacob Wdg_0028-.jpg

So can we just talk about a first look for a second?  I know it’s somewhat of a tradition that the groom see his bride for the first time coming down the aisle.  But NOTHING is more special than a private moment to just pause and take it all in, to see your bride or groom before what feels like 8,000 eyes are smiling at you.  Hanna and Jacob enjoyed their first look, and then we were able to capture tons and tons of images. Doing a first look allows for so much creativity and variations with wedding photos.  We took about 15 minutes and even grabbed some sunset shots after the wedding.  And because they did the first look, this bride and groom were fully present at their reception.  They laughed, ate, danced, and talked all night.
Hanna+Jacob Wdg_0086-.jpg
Hanna+Jacob Wdg_0087-.jpg
Hanna+Jacob Wdg_0003-.jpg
Hanna+Jacob Wdg_0046-.jpg
Hanna+Jacob Wdg_0016-.jpg
Hanna+Jacob Wdg_0090-.jpg
Hanna+Jacob Wdg_0093-.jpg
Hanna+Jacob Wdg_0091-.jpg
Hanna+Jacob Wdg_0098-.jpg
Hanna+Jacob Wdg_0099-.jpg
Hanna+Jacob Wdg_0101-.jpg
Hanna+Jacob Wdg_0031-.jpg
Hanna+Jacob Wdg_0105-.jpg

Oh and Ironwood – what a perfect venue!  The rolling hills, black fences, and beautiful trees are the final touches to this lovely place.
Hanna+Jacob Wdg_0108-.jpg
Hanna+Jacob Wdg_0109-.jpg
Hanna+Jacob Wdg_0110-.jpg

My heart catches when I look at the magic of these moments.  They’ve had their share of disappointment. This couple, like so many others, had to postpone their wedding celebration from last spring.  I know they were heart broken back in April, but their joy was even more real on this November day.   I can’t imagine how anything could have been prettier.
Hanna+Jacob Wdg_0111-.jpg
Hanna+Jacob Wdg_0112-.jpg
Hanna+Jacob Wdg_0122-.jpg
Hanna+Jacob Wdg_0115-.jpg
Hanna+Jacob Wdg_0118-.jpg
Hanna+Jacob Wdg_0121-.jpg
Hanna+Jacob Wdg_0124-.jpg
Hanna+Jacob Wdg_0128-.jpg
Hanna+Jacob Wdg_0131-.jpg
Hanna+Jacob Wdg_0132-.jpg
Hanna+Jacob Wdg_0134-.jpg
Hanna+Jacob Wdg_0135-.jpg
Hanna+Jacob Wdg_0141-.jpg
Hanna+Jacob Wdg_0140-.jpg
Hanna+Jacob Wdg_0143-.jpg
Hanna+Jacob Wdg_0136-.jpg
Hanna+Jacob Wdg_0137-.jpg
Hanna+Jacob Wdg_0151-.jpg
Hanna+Jacob Wdg_0153-.jpg

Hanna+Jacob Wdg_0157-.jpg

I have to comment on this phenomenal wedding party, both the ladies and the guys.  They flew around making things happen and we infinitely thrilled for Hanna and Jacob.  Some of them were already part of their sweet family, and some were the family we choose.
Hanna+Jacob Wdg_0160-.jpg
Hanna+Jacob Wdg_0163-.jpg
Hanna+Jacob Wdg_0166-.jpg

Hanna+Jacob Wdg_0169-.jpg
Hanna+Jacob Wdg_0052-.jpg
Hanna+Jacob Wdg_0171-.jpg
Hanna+Jacob Wdg_0181-.jpg
Hanna+Jacob Wdg_0184-.jpg
Hanna+Jacob Wdg_0185-.jpg
Hanna+Jacob Wdg_0192-.jpg
Hanna+Jacob Wdg_0195-.jpg
Hanna+Jacob Wdg_0190-.jpg
Hanna+Jacob Wdg_0187-.jpg
Hanna+Jacob Wdg_0202-.jpg
Hanna+Jacob Wdg_0186-.jpg
Hanna+Jacob Wdg_0174-.jpg
Hanna+Jacob Wdg_0176-.jpg
Hanna+Jacob Wdg_0179-.jpg
Hanna+Jacob Wdg_0201-.jpg
Hanna+Jacob Wdg_0177-.jpg

And then the sun dropped and the music began…
Hanna+Jacob Wdg_0212-.jpg
Hanna+Jacob Wdg_0218-.jpg
Hanna+Jacob Wdg_0224-.jpg
Hanna+Jacob Wdg_0227-.jpg
Hanna+Jacob Wdg_0232-.jpg
Hanna+Jacob Wdg_0234-.jpg
Hanna+Jacob Wdg_0235-.jpg

Oh my heart.  This scene makes me think of the mountains.  And it’s right here in Bowling Green.
Hanna+Jacob Wdg_0238-.jpg
Hanna+Jacob Wdg_0239-.jpg
Hanna+Jacob Wdg_0249-.jpg
Hanna+Jacob Wdg_0243-.jpg
Hanna+Jacob Wdg_0244-.jpg
Hanna+Jacob Wdg_0246-.jpg
Hanna+Jacob Wdg_0247-.jpg
Hanna+Jacob Wdg_0251-.jpg
Hanna+Jacob Wdg_0254-.jpg
Hanna+Jacob Wdg_0257-.jpg

And after sunset pics, the dancing began.
Hanna+Jacob Wdg_0258-.jpg
Hanna+Jacob Wdg_0260-.jpg
Hanna+Jacob Wdg_0210-.jpg
Hanna+Jacob Wdg_0269-.jpg
Hanna+Jacob Wdg_0270-.jpg
Hanna+Jacob Wdg_0273-.jpg

Hanna and Jacob, I was incredibly blessed to photograph your wedding celebration.  I hope you have an amazing marriage and that your dreams come true.  You deserve nothing but happiness, and when something other than happiness inevitably rolls around, I hope that you will always remember how you felt on this day.  I hope your love continues to grow forever, and that even when you can’t imagine that you would love each other more, that you still do.

Hanna+Jacob Wdg_0265-.jpg
Hanna+Jacob Wdg_0276-.jpg
Hanna+Jacob Wdg_0281-.jpg
Hanna+Jacob Wdg_0288-.jpg
Hanna+Jacob Wdg_0290-.jpg
Hanna+Jacob Wdg_0295-.jpg
Hanna+Jacob Wdg_0299-.jpg

And they danced and danced into the night.
Hanna+Jacob Wdg_0303-.jpg

Hanna and Jacob were blessed with these amazing vendors:

Ceremony and Reception Venue  |  Ironwood, Bowling Green, KY

Dress Designer  |  Oleg Cassini –  David’s Bridal

Florals  |  Rosemarie Grice with Briar Rose Garden

Wedding Planner/Coordinator  |  Glenna Gardner

DJ/Entertainment  |  Ron Prieskorn

Videographer  |  Visual Concepts

Cake Artist  |  Cocomo Confections.

Catering  |  Derek Williams



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