September 15, 2021

Hanna + Austin | A Beautiful Late Summer Wedding at The Barn @ 3M Farms

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Hanna loves Austin. He loves her right back.

We who have known them both for years couldn’t be happier.  To see them together is to see joy.  Hanna’s smile is even more beautiful than before she met her love, and Austin is a certain kind of smitten that only happens when a girl has captured your heart.  I don’t think she’s gonna give it back either.  I asked him during the bride/groom photos if he ever thought he’d hear me tell him to kiss a girl?  And no wonder!!  Hanna is beautiful, but she is also incredibly kind and sweet.  She has a way of saying what everyone is thinking, but she does it in a way that is hilarious.  I keep thinking how time is also quite funny.  The last time I was around him, which was middle school, I would have never believed Austin Mungle would be “head over heels” and ready to promise the world so he can kiss his girl anytime he wants.  And I don’t even know how to say that differently.  He always had a good heart – I loved being around him then.  But he was all middle school boy, figuring out his next fun joke and having a great time with the guys.

And speaking of jokes, Austin married into the perfect family for jokes and a whole lot of love.  The laughter that quite often erupts with this crew is simply good for the soul.  Life is just too short to walk around with a frown, and the Woods family has taken that thought and run with it.  They will make you laugh with their wisecracks, or double you over with their moves and antics. If that doesn’t work, they will play a prank on you or each other.  Either way, you’re going to laugh – more than once.  And you will see family love too.  Their love and appreciation for family, for each other, and their friends is refreshing.  When Andrew and Aaron gave their toasts to Hanna and Austin, both talked about fun and family; how much they love their cousin, and how Austin just fits in perfectly.  Andrew mentioned that folks who didn’t know their family would often ask where their sister was on the rare occasion that Hanna wasn’t with them.   Aaron laughed remembering how quiet and watchful Austin was the first time he came around, but by the second big gathering, he was joking with the best of them.

Every wedding should be a refection of your love for each other, tastes, and personality.  I LOVE how Hanna and Austin mixed up their wedding party.  If you’ve followed my blog long, you probably already noticed that I do a couple of shots in traditional pose, but then I mix up the guys and girls to create visual interest and balance.  They took care of it for me from the beginning. Each chose one close friend, and then Hanna added her cousins. Austin’s remaining attendants were his sisters.  The result was a really pretty and balanced look from beginning to end.  In addition, Seth created stunning florals that amazed everyone there, and the bride and groom’s obvious love and happiness brought the joy that each of us felt all afternoon last Saturday.  The result was breathtaking.

Hanna and Austin, your wedding was gorgeous in every way.  I know that you have both found the one whom your soul loves.  You complete each other in the perfect way.  We all know that life will not always be as beautiful as your wedding on September 11, 2021.  There will be ups and downs, and sometimes you will climb mountains only to fall back into the valley.  But through it all, if you depend on each other and the Man Above, your love will continue to grow in ways you can’t even imagine.  I wish you years of pulling together and watching the stars together.   Love and blessings,  Pat
Hanna + Austin Wdg_0112.jpg
Hanna + Austin Wdg_0001.jpg
Hanna + Austin Wdg_0007.jpg
Hanna + Austin Wdg_0021.jpg
Hanna + Austin Wdg_0048.jpg
Hanna + Austin Wdg_0049.jpg
Hanna + Austin Wdg_0016.jpg
Hanna + Austin Wdg_0056.jpg
Hanna + Austin Wdg_0059.jpg
Hanna + Austin Wdg_0065.jpg
Hanna + Austin Wdg_0066.jpg
Hanna + Austin Wdg_0068.jpg

Father-Daughter first looks are just the sweetest.  Weddings are exiting but also a bit heart tugging for parents.  There’s such a mix of pride and joy, but also the reality that their daughter and son is now grown.  We all know that the seasons of life pass fast, but there’s no quicker reminder than looking in the face of your beautiful daughter and knowing that just yesterday she rode on your shoulders.
Hanna + Austin Wdg_0071.jpg
Hanna + Austin Wdg_0072.jpg
Hanna + Austin Wdg_0074.jpg
Hanna + Austin Wdg_0078.jpg
Hanna + Austin Wdg_0082.jpg
Hanna + Austin Wdg_0081.jpg

First looks – my favorite. They aren’t for everyone.  Some couples feel strongly against them.  That’s ok.  Your wedding should reflect who you are.  But if you are even 10% on the fence, DO a first look.  It’s so relaxed; you get through the jitters of seeing each other the first time in private.  Almost all grooms will tell me that they are so nervous, but when they turn around to see their bride, it’s all smiles, and sometimes tears.  In addition, you get so many more poses and options for photos because you don’t have guests waiting for you yet.

I think this is one of my favorite first look shots ever.  This moment represents way more than a picture can show.
Hanna + Austin Wdg_0086.jpg
Hanna + Austin Wdg_0087.jpg
Hanna + Austin Wdg_0091.jpg
Hanna + Austin Wdg_0093.jpg
Hanna + Austin Wdg_0096.jpg
Hanna + Austin Wdg_0097.jpg
Hanna + Austin Wdg_0099.jpg
Hanna + Austin Wdg_0102.jpg
Hanna + Austin Wdg_0100.jpg

Hanna + Austin Wdg_0106.jpg
Hanna + Austin Wdg_0110.jpg
Hanna + Austin Wdg_0113.jpg
Hanna + Austin Wdg_0114.jpg
Hanna + Austin Wdg_0116.jpg

Hanna + Austin Wdg_0120.jpg
Hanna + Austin Wdg_0121.jpg
Hanna + Austin Wdg_0124.jpg
Hanna + Austin Wdg_0128.jpg
Hanna + Austin Wdg_0132.jpg
Hanna + Austin Wdg_0134.jpg
Hanna + Austin Wdg_0140.jpg
Hanna + Austin Wdg_0142.jpg
Hanna + Austin Wdg_0148.jpg
Hanna + Austin Wdg_0151.jpg
Hanna + Austin Wdg_0144.jpg
Hanna + Austin Wdg_0017.jpg

Austin’s sweet niece ADORES him.
Hanna + Austin Wdg_0025.jpg
Hanna + Austin Wdg_0153.jpg
Hanna + Austin Wdg_0160.jpg
Hanna + Austin Wdg_0162.jpg
Hanna + Austin Wdg_0163.jpg
Hanna + Austin Wdg_0168.jpg
Hanna + Austin Wdg_0164.jpg
Hanna + Austin Wdg_0155.jpg
Hanna + Austin Wdg_0170.jpg
Hanna + Austin Wdg_0172.jpg
Hanna + Austin Wdg_0175.jpg
Hanna + Austin Wdg_0176.jpg
Hanna + Austin Wdg_0181.jpg
Hanna + Austin Wdg_0182.jpg
Hanna + Austin Wdg_0186.jpg
Hanna + Austin Wdg_0143.jpg
Hanna + Austin Wdg_0189.jpg
Hanna + Austin Wdg_0202.jpg
Hanna + Austin Wdg_0191.jpg
Hanna + Austin Wdg_0193.jpg
Hanna + Austin Wdg_0197.jpg
Hanna + Austin Wdg_0198.jpg
Hanna + Austin Wdg_0199.jpg
Hanna + Austin Wdg_0077.jpg
Hanna + Austin Wdg_0205.jpg
Hanna + Austin Wdg_0206.jpg
Hanna + Austin Wdg_0204.jpg
Hanna + Austin Wdg_0208.jpg
Hanna + Austin Wdg_0209.jpg
Hanna + Austin Wdg_0212.jpg
Hanna + Austin Wdg_0216.jpg
Hanna + Austin Wdg_0218.jpg
Hanna + Austin Wdg_0220.jpg
Hanna + Austin Wdg_0219.jpg
Hanna + Austin Wdg_0223.jpg
Hanna + Austin Wdg_0245.jpg
Hanna + Austin Wdg_0247.jpg
Hanna + Austin Wdg_0250.jpg
Hanna + Austin Wdg_0252.jpg
Hanna + Austin Wdg_0256.jpg
Hanna + Austin Wdg_0258.jpg

Hanna’s Uncle Bryan performed their beautiful ceremony.
Hanna + Austin Wdg_0263.jpg
Hanna + Austin Wdg_0264.jpg
Hanna + Austin Wdg_0267.jpg
Hanna + Austin Wdg_0270.jpg

Justan Borth blessed everyone with beautiful music and song.
Hanna + Austin Wdg_0272.jpg
Hanna + Austin Wdg_0274.jpg
Hanna + Austin Wdg_0275.jpg
Hanna + Austin Wdg_0276.jpg
Hanna + Austin Wdg_0279.jpg
Hanna + Austin Wdg_0284.jpg
Hanna + Austin Wdg_0287.jpg
Hanna + Austin Wdg_0024.jpg
Hanna + Austin Wdg_0032.jpg
Hanna + Austin Wdg_0035.jpg
Hanna + Austin Wdg_0037.jpg
Hanna + Austin Wdg_0040.jpg
Hanna + Austin Wdg_0043.jpg
Hanna + Austin Wdg_0231.jpg
Hanna + Austin Wdg_0235.jpg
Hanna + Austin Wdg_0238.jpg
Hanna + Austin Wdg_0002.jpg
Hanna + Austin Wdg_0003.jpg
Hanna + Austin Wdg_0289.jpg
Hanna + Austin Wdg_0292.jpg
Hanna + Austin Wdg_0027.jpg
Hanna + Austin Wdg_0246.jpg
Hanna + Austin Wdg_0300.jpg
Hanna + Austin Wdg_0302.jpg
Hanna + Austin Wdg_0294.jpg
Hanna + Austin Wdg_0306.jpg
Hanna + Austin Wdg_0311.jpg
Hanna + Austin Wdg_1102.jpg
Hanna + Austin Wdg_0315 copy.jpg
Hanna + Austin Wdg_0317.jpg
Hanna + Austin Wdg_0242.jpg
Hanna + Austin Wdg_0115.jpg

I loved working with these vendors:
Venue | The Barn @ 3M Farms
Florals & Coordination | Seth Graves w/ Magnolia & Steel
Hair | Dannie Kay Atwood
Makeup | Sharon Borth SharonandBryan Borth
Cake | Sharon Borth
You can view Hanna and Austin’s engagement session here.

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