February 26, 2019

Ellis | A Harry Potter Themed Session

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Hogwarts, Diagon Alley, a sorting hat, and a little Harry Potter…. These are in the dreams of mamas who grew up reading about wizards, curses, and flying objects of all kinds.

In that fantasy world so far away, we can all see our own imperfect selves. We can feel Harry’s hurt and we can celebrate his truimphs. It is no wonder that a generation from the late 90s still love this character, even though they are all grown up and living in the very real world we breathe in today.

Jessica, Ellis’ mom, is slightly obsessed with Harry Potter, and I probably should admit that I oohhhed and aaahhhed over every single Harry Potter item that his dad, Brian, painstakingly dragged down our basement steps.  That was one heavy suitcase.   This little boy might have every HP prop available, and I think he makes the cutest Harry Potter I’ve ever seen. His sweet personality allowed us to add Potter glasses and he even held the wand for a few seconds until his dad worried that he was waving it a bit too close to his eyes. I think we grabbed it just in time, because I expected to see Professor Dumbledore appear from thin air, or maybe a toad or two since little Harry hasn’t had much practice yet.

And while, I don’t expect that baby Ellis will really create a spell with his mama’s wand one day, I hope that his world will be filled with games and fun, learning and growing with character, and figuring out just who he is. I hope that he will be challenged to think deeply by a Hermione, and that his back will always be covered by a best friend named Ron.

I hope that like Harry, Ellis will always stand for what is right, figure out how to get better from his mistakes, and never give up when challenges come his way.  Isn’t this our dream for every sweet and innocent child who enters our life?  I pray that little Ellis will be strong in his spirit, and that his childhood will all be filled with the absolute joy of living and learning. And unlike Harry’s situation, I know he will be surrounding by music, art, and the adoring love of his parents. I can tell this with every smile, every hug, and every twinkle in his parents’ eyes.  Ellis is one blessed little boy.


Jessica and Brian, thank you for sharing your sweet boy with me.  Love and blessings,  Pat


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