October 19, 2019

Denise + John | A Fall Engagement Session in Scottsville

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Last Tuesday was one of the coolest days we’ve had this fall, and the wind kept reminding us that he was around. I was excited because I just love doing engagment sessions, and it doesn’t matter how cold it is.  And this pair was such fun to photograph that I almost forgot that it felt more like winter than fall.

Denise and John are the sweetest couple!! If you don’t believe in the power of love, just watch them. Both John and Denise came through JEBMS a few years ago, and I’ve been around Denise from time to time, and while she’s always been kind, these days she smiles a little bigger, and her joy is there for all to see. I’m pretty certain anyone else around sees it too.  It’s amazing what a happy heart does to every part of our life.

And I have to mention the golden hour glow that created such a beautiful backdrop for these shots. I love gorgous settings for pictures, and there’s almost nowhere that I wouldn’t drive to in order to get great images. But what’s more important than anything is the light. If you have great light, that glow is beautiful right in your own back yard, or in this case right down Perrytown Road. Fall is such a beautiful time of year, even before the trees turn because of that golden light. It’s beautiful all day long. I’ve always loved nature, and appreciated the amazing beauty all around us, but now that I am sliding right into middle age, I appreciate it even more. Denise and John were amazing to work with in that glow! They were open to anything I suggested, even with the wind all around us at times.

Denise and John, I can’t wait to photograph your wedding next month. I appreciate your trust to capture this important time in your life. Enjoy every second of this busy and even stressful time, because before you can blink, it will be a memory, and part of your story. You are a beautiful and amazing couple! Love and blessing, Pat



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