April 25, 2022

Courtney + Beau | A Golden Hour Engagement Session at River Bend Blooms in Scottsville.

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The light was so golden you could reach out and touch it.  It wrapped around the trees, the flowers, and the beautiful couple in front of me.

Courtney and Beau are about to promise forever, and they literally could not be sweeter.  It was a photographer’s dream; a pair who were both willing to do anything I suggested, (I mean we were all over the fields at River Bend Blooms, high stepped over flowers, and plopped down in the dirt.), and so in love you could touch that too.  I told Beau how impressed I was with his fantastic attitude about a bunch of photos, and he replied that he was there to do his best.  The results speak for themselves.  I am thrilled with how this special session turned out.

They met at Mancino’s.  I mean they worked there…  And who knew that putting in an application at a food joint would change the course of your life forever??  But it did, and I think they both would agree that it changed in the sweetest way. Courtney admitted that she was interested first, and I’m very sure that Beau was not mad about it…. When I hear them laughing and talking, so easygoing and fun, I know that this couple has a great future.

Hey you two, I loved meeting you, and I can not wait to photograph your wedding in August.  I also can’t wait to meet your twins and capture some photos of them with their mom and dad.  I hope that you enjoy the next few months because they will fly by.  Before you know it, you’ll be working through the butterflies in your stomach as you get ready to say “I will” in front of your family and friends.  Here’s to tons of blessings, love, and grit to make through the valleys that always sneak into our lives.  You two have it, and I was blessed to see it.  Blessings,  Pat
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