November 21, 2018

Carlie + Derek | A Scottsville Fall Engagement Session

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I love photography, and couples are one of my very favorite to photograph. When I get to spend time with pairs like Carlie and Derek, it’s even more fun. Their banter and watching how they enjoy just being around each other makes it so easy to showcase how they feel. It’s obvious that they are totally in love.

I’ve been privileged to be a small part of many, many students’ lives over the last 25 years, and watching them grow up and become awesome adults is the best blessing of all. Derek was one of my students in 7th grade, and back then what he couldn’t think of, didn’t need to be thought of. LOL  And to top it off, he always had a way of putting things that would make you laugh even when you needed to fuss at him. It was always those dry humored kids that I was drawn to, and still am. Why spend life in a drudge if you can find a reason to laugh? It always seems that I laugh hardest at those wry comments that come from a deep well of hilarious sarcasm. Derek had that, even back then. And then his mama came out to my house one afternoon with one of her famous pies. Oh my word, are you kidding? Trust me, I was definitely a fan of those pies.

And this pretty girl, Carlie, is the other half of Derek’s heart. She’s such fun to be around, has a quick wit,  and a funny answer to every dry comment that he can come up with. I can’t imagine a dull moment ever happening when they are together. They compliment each other in so many ways, and Carlie adds her own flair of beauty to their relationship. I don’t think anyone could have hand picked a more perfect soulmate for either of them.

Carlie and Derek, thank you both for allowing me to be a small part of this time in your life. You are an amazing couple and I’m so impressed with your practical and common sense view of life. And most of all, I appreciate your humor and loved every second we spent together. I wish you life’s greatest joy and happiness, and that you’ll be strong together when rough times come. Because when two souls determine that life is sweeter together, then the universe turns a little differently than before. Separately, you each are already awesome and full of personality and drive on your own, but I can’t wait to see what you accomplish together. Love and blessings, Pat

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