November 18, 2019

Brittany + Grant | A Chilly Fall Engagement Session at Barren River State Park

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Grant and Brittany met before they met. That’s what Grant said when I asked how they found each other. He immediately had my undivided attention. And isn’t it amazing how that happens so often?  You have known each other forever, and then suddenly it happens. You SEE each other, and something happens. Something that requires that both of you be in the same place and in the same emotional place at the SAME time. Then you can’t figure out how you just now met when you’ve actually known each other so long. When Grant and Brittany really met, they found tons of pictures of each other in the back or off to the side of past photos. And now they are together, front and center, of like mind, and certainly of connected hearts. And they are a beautiful couple – inside and out.

Speaking of meeting – Brittany and I have communicated this fall through face book, email, and texting, but never in person. And when I actually met them on Saturday morning, it instantly felt like I’ve known them both for years. Their willingness to trust me and do all the crazy things I asked makes me so excited to photograph their wedding next October. And their love and joy makes them ready for that day to be here and soon. So many plans and work go into creating a dream wedding day, and ten times more into a dream marriage. Brittany and Grant were heading to look at a possible home Saturday afternoon, and their deep breaths and smiles were full of hope. I couldn’t help but feel the joy that I always feel when I get to be a small part of such an important time in a couple’s life.

So Brittany and Grant, I hope that you are able to slow down and enjoy every moment of this next year. There is much to be done; graduation to experience, a home to find, and most of all, – paving the way to a marriage that is sustaining and strong. When you think it won’t all come together just right, or it doesn’t feel like there are enough hours in the day – breathe deep, and remember that every moment of our lives lead us down the winding path that all too quickly becomes yesterday. And even the frantic moments when we can’t seem to get it all done become a part of our story, and every moment of our story is important. You are an amazing couple; your excitement is a blessing to watch, and I can not wait to photograph your wedding! Love and blessings, Pat


Don’t let the warm light fool you, it wasn’t chilly; it was downright COLD!

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