August 26, 2018

Barren Co High Sr | Dillan Trivett

Teens Seniors

Dillan’s senior session was scheduled for 2:00 pm last Saturday. It was supposed to rain; I wasn’t worried because it hadn’t rained all week when it was supposed to. I hadn’t had to reschedule a single appointment. However, the closer it came to 2:00 pm, the more the clouds rolled in, and by 1:45 when the Trivetts were nearly here all the way from Temple Hill, it came an epic downpouring FLOOD. It rained so hard I could barely see the barn behind our house. Then rain stopped as suddenly as it began, so we decided to make it work, mud and all.

Dillan is a country boy all the way to his soul, so I didn’t even suggest going to town where the concrete would be dry by the time we got there. That would not have reflected his personality one bit. I remembered a few years ago literally shooting a session in light rain at the bridge a couple of miles below our house, so we headed there. Oh my goodness! I’d forgotten how beautiful it is around that bridge. We could have done the whole session there. Dillan pulled his truck onto the bridge, and we got some awesome shots. Did I mention that he had washed his truck that morning; I mean you have to have your senior picture with your truck. ESPECIALLY if it’s as cool as his. So we did those truck shots even though the mud and water thrown up from the road wreaked havoc on his hard work.

It had rained so much that we couldn’t even go to the pond, but the Trivett’s were troopers and we did around the back barn and along the fence row. Dillan was awesome to work with and I even got some smiles from time to time. Senior pictures just aren’t typically a guy’s favorite thing. However, most of them do just fine. I do everything I can to make it fun and laid back, and I think most of them don’t hate the memory. LOL That’s the funny thing about pictures; you don’t realize their value sometimes until years down the road when you pull them out and reminisce about that time in your life.

Dillan, I hope I captured just exactly who you are right now in your life. I hope looking at these will bring that smile back to your face for years to come. AND I also hope you have the best senior year ever! Blessings, Pat

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