June 2, 2020

Alyssa + Trevor | A Spring Engagement Session in Kentucky

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Alyssa and Trevor wanted to do their engagement session on their farm in Edmonton, and then right before the session, she messaged me worried that it would be an ok location. OH MY!!! It was more than ok!! For multiple reasons. Their farm is beautiful with big mature trees, the perfect house with brick bases for the porch posts, and interesting sceneries everywhere.   Second, it’s theirs. It’s where they will begin their journey as husband and wife, and I can’t think of a more meaningful location than your little piece of heaven on earth. I kept telling my husband that these are some of my favorites ever, and he reminded me that I always say that. And it’s always the truth. Sometimes the sun and stars line up and it just clicks.

I can’t wait for you to see their session.

So now that I’ve set the stage – let me tell you about this amazing couple! Alyssa has always been a beautiful young lady, but when she is side by side with Trevor – she simply glows. Spending time with them last Saturday was just the best because with all that’s going on around us, it’s refreshing to remember that love is still real, and life can still be beautiful. I totally agree with Alyssa that Trevor is definitely a keeper; he was so easy to be around and it’s clear that he loves this curly headed lady he’s about to marry. I move fast, but he still went through A LOT of poses, and smiled the whole hour.

I’ve known Alyssa since she was little, and it just makes my day that she’s got such a great start to her future. After this session, I feel like I’ve known Trevor forever too. That’s just another blessing that I get to experience when I photograph in new locations – I find more people to enjoy.  I’m still so excited to actually be behind the camera again, and when you are outside, everything is better.

Alyssa and Trevor, I can’t wait to photograph your wedding in October. You are such a sweet couple, and perfectly matched. Enjoy these next few months, because they will fly by.
Love and blessings, PatAlyssa + Trevor Eng_0057-.jpg
Alyssa + Trevor Eng_0055-.jpg

Alyssa + Trevor Eng_0051-.jpg
Alyssa + Trevor Eng_0052-.jpg
Alyssa + Trevor Eng_0059-.jpg
Alyssa + Trevor Eng_0056-.jpg
Alyssa + Trevor Eng_0061-.jpg
Alyssa + Trevor Eng_0042-.jpg
Alyssa + Trevor Eng_0038-.jpg
Alyssa + Trevor Eng_0028-.jpg
Alyssa + Trevor Eng_0029-.jpg
Alyssa + Trevor Eng_0025-.jpg
Alyssa + Trevor Eng_0026-.jpg
Alyssa + Trevor Eng_0023-.jpg
Alyssa + Trevor Eng_0024-.jpg
Alyssa + Trevor Eng_0039-.jpg
Alyssa + Trevor Eng_0032-.jpg
Alyssa + Trevor Eng_0022-.jpg

Alyssa wanted to incorporate this beautiful quilt because it’s special to her.  And there just happened to be a wagon in the barn waiting for them snuggle up and smile.
Alyssa + Trevor Eng_0019-.jpg
Alyssa + Trevor Eng_0014-.jpg
Alyssa + Trevor Eng_0021-.jpg
Alyssa + Trevor Eng_0017-.jpg
Alyssa + Trevor Eng_0012-.jpg
Alyssa + Trevor Eng_0007-.jpg
Alyssa + Trevor Eng_0008-.jpg
Alyssa + Trevor Eng_0001-.jpg
Alyssa + Trevor Eng_0002-.jpg
Alyssa + Trevor Eng_0003-.jpg
Alyssa + Trevor Eng_0009-.jpg
Alyssa + Trevor Eng_0005-.jpg
Alyssa + Trevor Eng_0013-.jpg

  1. Rudy Hernandez says:

    You all look beautiful together. We love the pictures. May you be happy together forever.

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