August 18, 2018

ACS Senior | Scottsville, KY | Kelly Weger

Teens Seniors

He is lightning on that field. He will find a way to run through, around, or under you. You won’t even know he’s there until he’s already gone.  And that’s the way Kelly’s personality is too. His smile lights up the room, and when you are around him for two seconds, you know that he isn’t going to back down from what ever life throws his way. He’s going places, and those places will be his choice.

Kelly, I can’t put the right words together to say how proud I am of who you are and what you are doing with your gifts and your opportunities. Your intelligence, determination, talent, and attitude are a phenomenial combination that will get you through the toughest of times and allow you to appreciate and enjoy the best of times.

I remember when you came through JEBMS, like lightning of course. Immediately, we all saw your drive to excel, your quick smile, a bit of a temper, and always, always something deep that we couldn’t put into words, but that told us you had it in you to do anything you put your heart and soul behind. You have proven that our intuition was correct. You are proving it to yourself every day.

We are all on a journey through time, and we all have moments when we question what we are doing. WE mess up. We wonder how the impossible will become possible. We are all chasing our dreams. We all get sidelined by our own selves or by life at times. Some days, we feel like we are losing the battle with our own fears. We eventually learn to find joy and happiness right in the middle of what might seem to be the hardest times of our lives. Because life is about learning to dance in the rain, not waiting for it to end.

Kelly Weger, don’t you ever back down from your dreams.

I hope your senior year is the best yet! This year is the launching point for the life you will build in the future. And I know you will dive like lightning into that future; because that’s just how you roll.  And we who have always loved and believed in you will watch and smile – and maybe wipe a tear or two.  Because we have always known that you could, and now that you see it too, you will.

Love and blessings to you!! -Pat


And aren’t Kelly and Gracie the cutest couple???


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