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Hey There!! I'd love for you to hang out with me for a bit!  check out my latest work and grab some inspiration for your wedding, senior or family session.

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“I’m going to marry that girl one day,” Andrew told his twin brother one day late in their senior year of high school. Last Friday, he made good on those words. That girl is Lilly, and she is the calm to Andrew’s fun antics, and the light of his life. If you know Andrew, he […]

Lillian + Andrew | A Beautiful Fall Wedding in Bowling Green, KY

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November 21, 2021

Her zest for life is contagious, and Austin got caught in her spell…… Austin’s best man, Steven, told all about it during his speech.  Apparently their group of friends had all decided that they should all stay single forever.  When they discussed this with Austin, he said, “Well….”  And that’s when they found out they […]

Gina + Austin | A Beautiful Fall Wedding at the Blanford House

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October 26, 2021