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Brianna. Beautiful, Sweet, and Sincere. And she’s country to the core. You know, the girl who at first glance you know could be beautiful in a grunge or urban setting. But that’s not her. She’s one of those handful of teens to are blessed to experience fields, trees, and more than one animal – the […]

July 22, 2019

Brianna | A Summer Outdoor Senior Session

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Sometimes it’s just awesome, and that’s how Natalie’s session unfolded last week at Fountain Square Park in downtown Bowling Green. She arrived with her sweet, little dog, Zoe, in tow and her friend, Michelle, came to keep up with her until we were ready for her part of the session. Zoe was so involved with […]

April 29, 2019

Natalie -Butler Co. Sr 2019 | A Downtown Bowling Green Senior Session

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She’s tall, absolutely beautiful, and then just as pretty on the inside. Add to the previous description the fact that Taylor Groves is the epitome of the Bible verse that speaks about a woman’s glory is her hair. And Taylor’s sweet personality is just icing on the cake. And speaking of great things, SATURDAY’S weather […]

March 26, 2019

Taylor Class of 19 | An Early Spring Senior Session in Scottsville

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Everyone knows I’m a little wordy. But this time, I’ve struggled even find the right words to begin this blog. Rachel is stunning. That’s obvious. Those blue eyes of hers are worthy of at least two country songs. But there’s so much more. She’s a breath of fresh air, and has the sweetest, real laugh […]

October 28, 2018

ACS Senior 2019 | Rachel Foster

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Fall is golden and beautiful, the perfect time for pictures of any kind. Nathan just wanted it to be a little cooler, and he got that wish for sure. AND he did AWESOME. It was such fun to photograph him, his sweet girlfriend, and his family. Nathan is so easy going and such a good […]

October 28, 2018

ACS Sr 2019 | Nathan Hogue

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Wow! That’s it. Michelle is stunning, hilarious, carefree, and has the bluest eyes you ever saw. I did her family’s fall session last year, and she asked me then if I’d photograph her senior session this year. Of. Course. The plan was to meet at Western. They beat me there by just a couple of […]

October 14, 2018

Michelle Cardwell – Butler Co. c/o 2019 | WKU Session

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She bounced into my office what feels like yesterday and said, “When I’m a senior, I want you to take my pictures, ok?” I blinked, and five years later, we’ve done them.   Shayla is a tiny firecracker and full of fun  personality. When she was in the middle school, you just never knew what she […]

October 7, 2018

ACS Senior 2019 | Shayla Anderson

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This girl. Mason is stunning. We had a perfect afternoon last week to photograph her Senior session. Rain has been our enemy this year, but for once Mother Nature cooperated. The result was some of my favorite pics ever. We all know that Mason is a fantastic baller, but I am certain that she could […]

October 6, 2018

Mason – ACS Senior 2019

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Anna. Is. Awesome. She’s smart, talented, beautiful, and sweet as the day is long. Her session was a dream because of all of the above and we hit golden hour perfectly.  The glow just wrapped around Anna and highlighted her natural beauty. Because golden hour is such a limited time, and some days are just […]

September 16, 2018

Anna Senior | Metcalfe Co -2019

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He’s a Patriot through to the core. This lineman. And he’s proud, but also humble. Quiet, but dangerous too, especially if he’s headed for you on that striped field. Tyler is the kind of young man and son that any mom would be proud to call her own.  I know he was “over” these senior […]

September 3, 2018

Tyler Morton | ACS Senior 2019